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7 Best One Pot and One Pan Meals (Easy Recipes!)

Does anyone else get overwhelmed with recipes that have a ton of ingredients and steps?

I do, all the time. I want simple and easy meals, ones I don’t have to think about much but are still delicious.

A collage of one-pot meals with text "One-pot and one-pan recipes"

If you’re looking for a way to get dinner on the table with minimal steps AND cleanup, you’re in the right place! These one pot and one pan meal ideas are perfect for the busy person:

  • Less dishes
  • Less time
  • Less fuss

Just like the title says, these easy meals are all put together in one pot or one pan. Yes, you can cook an entire meal using fewer pots and pans!

These easy dinner recipes are perfect for busy weeknights, and you’re bound to find one the whole family will enjoy! Click the recipe title to get to the printable recipe- save them and share them, and tell me what you think!

A bowl filled with one-pot cheesy pasta

One Pot Cheesy Pasta

This is one of the best one-pot meals. I mean, it’s basically a mac and cheese recipe, which is a huge favorite in our house.

It’s made with 3 different kinds of cheese which makes it gooey and oh so delicious. You can eat it as a main dish with a side salad, or even as a side with your favorite protein!

A bowl filled with taco turkey chili mac

One Pot Cheesy Turkey Taco Chili Mac

This easy pasta dish has a tomato sauce base, along with plenty of taco-inspired spices. It’s cheesy and hearty and perfect for a non-traditional taco night!

A plate of broccoli pasta topped with shredded Parmesan

One Pot Broccoli Pasta

This one pot dish is vegetarian and doesn’t lack in flavor! Made with fresh broccoli and sprinkled with shredded Parmesan cheese, this recipe can double easily and be eaten all week long.

One Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta

Another yummy vegetarian one-pot pasta dish, this is a really comforting dinner. Full of veggies and Parmesan cheese, this comes together really quickly. You can buy pre-chopped vegetables to save time!

One Pot Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This hearty soup is SO good on cold nights. I serve this with some crusty bread and it tastes even better the next day.

One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies

This is a super easy sheet pan dinner. You just throw raw chicken breast (chicken thighs would work too) and chopped vegetables on the pan, add spices, and bake to perfection.

You can easily customize this by adding your favorite types of potatoes and vegetables! The protein, carb, and veggie make this a complete meal.

A bowl of meatball casserole

One Pan Meatball Casserole

A pasta dish where the pasta cooks right with everything else? No separate pot needed? Sign me up!

This delicious meal is put together quickly; and the cooking time gives you a chance to relax or clean up the kitchen before dinner. I do this all the time and it helps maximize the little time I have!

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