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About Me

My life has been a rollercoaster of losing weight, gaining some back, and even ignoring my health.


I chased a few diet fads: Weight Watchers, even the Special K diet- You know, the one where you eat their cereal every morning and one of their protein bars for lunch. You think that worked?


Things were GREAT for awhile, or so it seemed. I had my daughter Allison in 2013 and kept 20 pounds of the baby weight for a year and a half.


In 2015, my life was completely turned around.


On March 5th, 2015, our 4-year wedding anniversary, I went to the ER. I had been experiencing heart palpitations almost constantly for 2 weeks, with no signs of stopping. The doctors did all sorts of tests and I wore a heart monitor for a couple days- but they couldn’t find anything wrong.


Frustrated, I did some research and found that a healthy diet, plus exercise and weight loss, can help prevent those palpitations from happening again.


So I did it.

It took 8 months of starting and stopping, and a few tears, but I succeeded in losing 20 pounds and have kept it off for 5 years and counting! And I'm happy to say that I haven't had a heart episode like that ever since.

That life-changing moment in 2015 completely transformed my way of thinking. I’m PASSIONATE about learning all I can about nutrition and losing weight; and I knew I wanted to help other women in this but wasn’t sure how to put it in a tangible form.

Then in January 2020, I came across a job title called “Nutrition Coach”, and a series of seemingly God-ordained events happened that led me to going through the program through the ISSA. In May 2020, I officially got my certification as a Nutrition Coach!

I can now take my passion and my newly-found knowledge to help other women eat better, set up healthy habits, and feel like they can finally make progress in their life. To be able to lose weight without starving themselves. To enjoy food at a party without guilt.

You’re not here by accident, friend. I want to help you reach that point! This is what I’m all about, and I’m always available for a chat. Schedule your free Weight Loss Discovery Call and let’s get started!


Saturday 12th of November 2022

Hi Jamie. I am so glad to find your story. I have gained 20pounds during Covid and going through menopause. I walk everyday and lately have added Some jogging to my walks. I try to eat healthy but it’s difficult when my husband Is not doing it with me and doesn’t think I need to lose weight. I would be interested in hearing more of how you lost 20 pounds and how long it took to do that, also more of how you got into Running as I am just starting out myself. I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for Them.


Monday 14th of November 2022

Hi Meg! Thank you so much for reaching out. I wrote a blog post on my weight loss journey; you can read it here:

As for running, I got started when my church hosted a 5k. I thought it would be fun to train for it. And when I finished, I realized I LOVED running and it just took off from there!

I recommend checking out Jeff Galloway. He teaches the Run/Walk method, which is what I use. And it's helped me SO much with preventing injury and increasing my stamina!


Thursday 20th of January 2022

Hi my name is Wendy, I’ve been following you for some time now, maybe a year I think I’m not sure but anyways… Shirt story I’m a mom of 4, 18.4.2.& 9 months… yes I started over!!! ???. I’m the big 40 ?? Up until I had my first I’ve always been small and petite. ( 5’4 115/120) After my first I found out I had pcos and my weight struggles began. I could do diets and fads and always lost the weight for it to eventually come back. Now I’m on a new adventure to plan smart, save money, eat healthy, and workout all while staying over with 3 littles ones and working a part time job and and everyday mom/ wife things oh and being visually impaired and raising 2 special needs who are visually impaired also. Finding time is not easy but I need to do this. One of my most downfalls Is probably like everyone else I start out strong then slowly lose interest and eventually stop, or I start out strong and then something happens and life takes hold and I can never seem to get back into routine. ??? I really want to start meal planning and meal prepping along with a simple workout routine. I have a goal to lose the weight I want in a years time, I’m now roughly 190/195. If I could get down to at least 160 in a year I think I’d be doing ok. I would like to think that is realistic but I don’t know. … Amy advice or help or assists would be great !!! I’d eventually want to share my life’s journey with others as well and help others achieve their goals and be a support. Thank you ??


Friday 21st of January 2022

Hi Wendy! Girl, you are AMAZING.

Some general advice: Put activities like meal planning and workouts on your calendar. This is all for your health- you wouldn't schedule a doctor's appointment and then just not go. Treat these the same. =) Scheduling my workouts when I first started helped me get my act together and actually do it.

30 pounds in one year is TOTALLY doable. An average, safe rate of weight loss is one pound per week.

If you'd like more advice tailored to your needs, I'd love to chat with you! You can schedule a free Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit for each other for Nutrition Coaching. You can use the link below to schedule:

Antionette Blake

Sunday 15th of March 2015

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Have a wonderful week.