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ADHD Meal Planning Guide

Meal planning is hard. Especially if you have ADHD.

Mealtime Chaos

You don’t know what to make until the last minute, and you scramble around, pulling ingredients from the cabinet to make something edible.

Planning Overwhelm

Just the thought of planning a week’s meals makes you sick. How do people do this every single week??

Life can be crazy.

Especially for us folks with ADHD, trying to juggle a busy schedule. And that’s why I’ve create a guide specifically with you in mind.

Here’s how this guide can revolutionize your meal planning routine:

1. ADHD-Focused Strategies: Say goodbye to overwhelm. Discover practical, step-by-step techniques designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by busy women with ADHD.

2. Foolproof Meal Templates: No more decision fatigue. Dive into pre-defined meal structures that take the guesswork out of planning, ensuring your meals are not only nutritious but also a breeze to put together.

3. Streamlined Grocery Shopping: Grocery shopping CAN be efficient and stress-free. Learn how to create thoughtfully organized lists and even explore the world of online shopping for added convenience.

4. Efficient Meal Prepping: Uncover the secrets to batch cooking and freezer-friendly meals. It’s the ultimate time-saver, ensuring you have delicious, ADHD-friendly meals at your fingertips whenever you need them.

5. Adapting to Your Unique Challenges: From forgetfulness to distractions, I’ve got you covered. Learn how to tailor meal planning to work seamlessly with your ADHD tendencies, not against them.

6. Creating Enjoyable Mealtime Moments: Elevate your eating experience. Discover how to craft a peaceful, distraction-free environment that transforms mealtime into a moment of relaxation and nourishment.

What’s included in this 96-page guide:

  • Tools and resources I use weekly
  • A list of meal ideas using pantry essentials
  • A list of low-energy, pre-packaged meals
  • Meal planning templates
  • 12 low-energy and delicious recipes

Imagine a life where meal planning is no longer a stressor but a well-oiled routine that supports your busy lifestyle. This guide is the key to unlocking that reality.

Ready to take control of your meal planning journey?

Click below to grab your guide and say goodbye to mealtime chaos!