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Freezer Meals to Make During Quarantine

Emergencies happen- Be prepared by making these freezer meals for quarantine! Includes a free freezer cooking plan and recipes!

When emergencies come up, we still need to eat. Whether we get sick and need to self-isolate or quarantine ourselves, or if we lose our jobs and money’s tight, we need to have a plan for food. And freezer meals can help with that.

Thankfully, no one in my family has gotten sick. However, you just never know! That’s why I decided to make some freezer meals to keep on hand in case we get quarantined but still need food.

This was an easy one-hour session that involved 3 meals:

  • Egg McMuffin sandwiches
  • Salsa chicken bowls
  • White chicken chili

I went to Kroger and picked up all the necessary ingredients, and got straight to work making these freezer meals! These breakfasts, lunches, and dinner will help feed us in an emergency, and means I won’t have to go to the store for a short while.

How to make freezer meals for quarantine

Watch this video for the entire process. I started by cooking the chicken and rice for the Salsa Chicken Bowls, and baked some eggs for the sandwiches. And in between, I prepared the chili and everything else. It was an easy streamlined process that only took an hour!

If you want the recipes, grocery list, and cooking plan, you can get it for FREE right here:

How long will these last?

These emergency freezer meals will stay fresh up to 3 months. They’re still safe to eat after that; but after 3 months, I suggest eating them and then filling your freezer again. That way you can stay on a rotating cycle and always have something in your freezer for emergencies.

What other emergency meals can I make for my freezer?

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite freezer meals. These are tried-and-true recipes and easy to make! And in situations where stores are out of certain items, you can always improvise and these recipes will still turn out okay.

I hope these ideas will help in case you ever need to keep yourself inside for long stretches of time. Do you have any favorite freezer meals? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

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