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I’M BACK! $93.14 Grocery Haul 4-27-20

Wow, it’s definitely been a minute since I’ve done a grocery post on the blog! A LOT has happened over the past couple months and I finally have the time to do these again.

Back in February I started working on my new course, Meal Prep for Weight Loss (Which is now available), and it was taking up so much of my time that I had to give up a couple things. And unfortunately, the blog took the hit.

And then the pandemic happened and I found myself crisis-schooling Allison, now for the rest of the school year. That put a huge damper on the extra time I had during school to get that course done.

To top it all off, I had started my Nutrition Coach training right around the same time I started working on the course! I’m happy to say that I’ll be finished with it by the end of May and will be able to start incorporating coaching into my business. I seriously can’t wait to see how I can help people with this.

All that to say- I’m back! My time is still limited but I’m doing my best to get at least 2 blog posts a week plus a few Youtube videos. I’m glad to be here again!

Sometime during all this we raised our grocery budget to $100 per week for the 3 of us. We’re simply eating more and I’m making eating healthier a priority. Thankfully, the stores are pretty well-stocked with fresh produce!

So because of the pandemic, I’ve been doing grocery pickup only for the past few weeks. Mostly Wal Mart, but Kroger’s dropped their pickup fees temporarily so I’ve been going to them for the things Wal Mart doesn’t have. It’s really convenient to pick them up, especially since John usually works Fridays and I can’t take Allison into the store with me.

If you haven’t tried Wal Mart’s pickup yet, click here to use my code and we’ll both get $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase!

Wal Mart

No substitutions here this week, oddly enough! Although they did give me two tubes of toothpaste that I didn’t order. And last week they gave me 4 boxes of protein bars when I only ordered 1. Usually I’d return those because it was a mistake; but because of the pandemic, I don’t think they’d take these back anyway.

Total: $64.04


Originally, I put boneless chicken breasts on my order at $1.99/lb. Then I saw that split chicken breasts were only 99 cents/lb so I switched them out. I’m only shredding this chicken so I wasn’t too concerned about the bones.


  • Steak- I ordered Eye of Round but they gave me a Top Loin instead. A $19.00 steak for only $5.00 at the substitution price!
  • Different flavors for Yoplait yogurts
  • Bubble gum toothpaste instead of Strawberry
  • Two 1-pound bags of rice instead of one 2-pound bag
  • Out of frozen stir fry veggies- but I have one in the freezer so no big deal

Total: $29.10
Weekly Total: $93.14. I set aside $6.00 for a Sam’s Club run.


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.


Steak/chicken burrito bowls (Allison wants to try steak!)- With rice, grilled onions* and bell peppers, Greek yogurt, cheese, salsa*

Frittata (Eggs, turkey bacon, spinach, bell peppers, cheese)

Honey Mustard Chicken Bowls (Chicken, rice, roasted broccoli/baby carrots)- Probably gonna use this sauce

Fish sticks (Also a request from Allison), Kraft mac and cheese*, frozen peas

Bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, roasted zucchini

Lentil Curry, rice, frozen stir fry vegetables*



Carrot Muffins with peanut butter/honey, cottage cheese

Breakfast bowls (Roasted potatoes*, scrambled eggs, riced cauliflower, cheese)


What’s on your menu this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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