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$30 Weekly Shopping and Menu 7-16-18

Can you eat for $30 a week? Look at this family of 3's temporary low grocery budget with a grocery list, menu, and frugal recipes! Week of: 7-16-18.

We’re doing a lot of pantry eating this week!

I decided to take out our last big turkey from the freezer; and for a family of 3, that turkey will last us all week. I’ve tried to use it in different ways so we won’t get bored. Because we’re eating mostly food from our house, I have a bit of money left in the grocery budget. I’ll probably save it for next week in case we run out of anything; and use some of it at the discount bread store. Apparently Allison is very picky when it comes to her bread! All that’s in my freezer is the good stuff, filled with whole grains and seeds and goodness. But this child will spit it out and refuse to eat it because it has seeds in it; so in order to get her to eat the frugal PB&J dinners/lunches, I’ll end up buying a few 50-cent loaves of plain soft wheat bread.

I also geeked out over my Sam’s Club trip! I’m super thankful for Swagbucks and Fetch Rewards and the fact that I earned a total of $40 in gift cards to use on that trip. I was able to stock up on a bit of meat, and some cheese and yogurt to last us a little while. Sign up for Fetch Rewards (All you do is scan receipts and get points!) and use the code PV2QH and we’ll both earn 2,000 points when you scan your first receipt!

Another reminder about these $30 grocery posts before you continue reading:

  • I’ve lowered our grocery budget by choice. We’ve chosen not to pursue food assistance from the government.
  • My pantry contains essentials such as rice, pasta, peanut butter, and baking items, as well as a little meat in the freezer. You may not be able to recreate this menu for $30 as I’m not exactly starting from scratch every week.
  • I’m buying whole foods as much as possible- I won’t be perfect, but I’ll do what I can with the money we have.
  • My menu may have more vegetarian meals, or just less meat in general- But I still aim to keep my diet high-protein due to my workouts, which is why you’ll see lots of Greek yogurt, eggs, and cottage cheese.

Can you eat for $30 a week? Look at this family of 3's temporary low grocery budget with a grocery list, menu, and frugal recipes! Week of: 7-16-18.


Greek yogurt: $3.49
Romaine hearts: $1.99
Sliced cheese: $1.79
Spinach: $1.19
Cottage cheese: $1.79
Block of Colby Jack: $1.69
Carrots, 2-pound bag: $1.09
Bananas, 4.25 pounds: $1.62
2 dozen eggs: $.48 each
Zucchini: $1.49
Cantaloupe: $1.29
Flour: $1.15

Total: $19.54

Can you eat for $30 a week? Look at this family of 3's temporary low grocery budget with a grocery list, menu, and frugal recipes! Week of: 7-16-18.

Sam’s Club

Chicken breasts, 5.9 pounds: $11.11
String cheese: $8.98
Dannon Light and Fit Greek yogurts: $9.98
Canned tuna, 12-pack: $8.24

Total: FREE Thanks to gift cards from Swagbucks and Fetch Rewards (Use code PV2QH when signing up for Fetch and we’ll both receive 2,000 points when you scan your first receipt!)
Weekly Total: $21.54 (Included in this is two 3-pound bags of sweet potatoes at Meijer for $1.00 each because Aldi was out)


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.

Roasted turkey* (From freezer, our last one), instant mashed potatoes*, frozen green beans*, bread*
Turkey sandwiches, fruit
Turkey Ranch Quesadillas, roasted sweet potatoes
Spinach Mozzarella Egg Bake, fruit, sweet potatoes
Turkey burrito bowls (Turkey, rice*, lettuce, sweet potatoes, salsa*)
Carrot Pancakes

French toast (Bread loaves in freezer)
Scrambled eggs

Zucchini chocolate chip muffins for Allison’s lunch

What’s on your menu this week? Share in the comments below!

Jennifer Hudson

Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Jaime, I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are to me. I just love your blog and have gotten such great ideas from you. A few years ago, we went through a really difficult financial that set us way back and altered the way we lived our life. We still live pretty dinners out, thrift store shopping, careful’s just how we roll. But your blog has been an invaluable resource. I’ve been keeping you all in my prayers. ???.


Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Thank you Jennifer, I really appreciate that! I'm glad to hear that things seem to be going better. Once a financial difficulty happens, it can be hard to get out of that frugal mindset!

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