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7 Ways to Eat More Vegetables Every Day

Do you struggle with how to eat more vegetables every day? Here are 7 easy ways to get in those veggies to get healthier!

We all know we should start eating more vegetables. I mean, they’re good for us, right?

But almost every client I talk to says that’s one of the hardest things for them to conquer. They don’t know how to incorporate more vegetables into their diet; or just don’t have a palate for most of them.

I was totally that way, too. As a kid, my main vegetable was french fries; and that extended into most of my teenage years, too (Working at McDonalds didn’t help that much).

It just takes a lot of experimenting, as I’ll show you today! Now I’m a veggie-eating fiend, hitting the daily 5 servings almost every day. And I used the following 7 ways to help me get there.

What happens when you start eating more vegetables?

When you eat more vegetables, a few things happen:

  • You feel full longer. Vegetables are full of fiber, which keeps you regular and full between meals. And feeling full longer leads to eating less, which can lead to weight loss!
  • You give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Eating the many vitamins in vegetables can help boost the immune system- which we all need nowadays, right??
  • You’ll have more energy due to filling your body with all the “good stuff” and not having enough room for all the junk food you may have been eating before.

Really, eating more vegetables in general is just good for you! Here are 7 ways to eat more vegetables:

Add to breakfast

This one seems to be the hardest for most people. And I can see why: We’ve been programmed to eat cereal, pancakes, and donuts for breakfast. And eggs at times, too.

But there’s a WORLD of possibilities with breakfast! You can simply add some spinach to your scrambled eggs, make a full-on omelette with whatever veggies are in your fridge, or make breakfast ahead of time with a frittata. This page shows you a base recipe and tons of ideas to put in your breakfast!

Stick them in veggie soup/chili

You can get at least 2 servings of vegetables in a soup! Broth-based soups tend to be lower in calories so you can load up and feel full without overdoing it calorie-wise.

Vegetable soup is so versatile because you can pretty much throw anything in there. Leftovers, canned/frozen vegetables, that one potato you don’t know what to do with… plus, you can eat some fresh French bread with your soup. And who doesn’t like bread?

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce

Blend in your spaghetti/Alfredo sauce

This is probably one of my favorite ways to add/hide vegetables. What better way to get your family to eat more veggies than by blending them into their favorite sauces?

For spaghetti sauce, you can use most vegetables regardless of color. It’ll blend in fairly well with the red tomato sauce. Zucchini, carrots, onion, and bell peppers are awesome additions, and this recipe uses most of them!

Alfredo sauce is a bit trickier because it’s supposed to be white. However, cauliflower is the perfect choice and gives the sauce a super creamy texture! This recipe for Cauliflower Alfredo is amazing and still uses a bunch of Parmesan to give it that Alfredo taste.

Find new ways to prepare vegetables

Let’s face it- sometimes we just don’t like vegetables made in a certain way.

For example, I realized I don’t like steamed Brussels sprouts. And I’m not fond of raw broccoli and cauliflower in large amounts. But roast them in the oven or air fryer, and I’m all over them!

Sometimes it just takes a new way of preparing a disliked vegetable to realize that, maybe, you do like them after all! Try all the different methods: Steaming, roasting, raw, cooked in a casserole.. I bet you’ll find a method you like!

Drink them in smoothies

To be honest, I can’t drink a smoothie without a vegetable anymore. It’s almost a waste of a meal without it, and it’s SUCH an easy way to add a serving of veggies.

Honestly, you can’t even taste most of them. Especially if you use fruits like bananas, and a flavored protein powder. I’ve been fond of the IdealShake brand- the Mocha flavor is delicious!

Vegetables I’ve added to my smoothies include:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Carrots (Really good with vanilla protein powder and cinnamon)
  • Butternut squash

Be prepared ahead of time

Honestly, just being prepared is most of the battle. If you don’t have any vegetables pre-chopped and right in front of you, you’re more likely to leave them sitting in the back of the fridge to go bad.

Unfortunately, I do this a lot. Especially with Romaine hearts, where I chop only 2 out of the 3 that come in the package because I don’t have enough container space. That one heart gets thrown out at the end of the week because I forget about it!

This is why I promote meal prep so much– if you have food already prepared, you’ll end up using it. Take an hour on a Sunday afternoon and wash/chop up your veggies. Your Wednesday self will thank your Sunday self!

Make a kitchen sink salad

Oh man, I love me some salad. And not just the dinky little side salads you get at a restaurant.

When I eat a salad as my main meal, I load that sucker up so much that sometimes I need a mixing bowl. And that’s usually because I’m trying to use up everything that’s in my fridge.

Salads are wonderful, friends. And probably one of the more obvious ways to eat more vegetables every day. Here are some things I usually add to my salad:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cheese (I love cheddar, feta, or blue cheese)
  • Random vegetables like zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, cold roasted vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes or white potatoes
  • Grains like quinoa or rice
  • Protein (Chicken, ham, hard boiled eggs, beans)

And sometimes instead of using salad dressing, I just use a bit of hot sauce. Sounds weird, but most of the time the extra ingredients like cheese or sweet potatoes give my salad a creamy texture. Dressing usually isn’t necessary; and if it is, I’ll use in small amounts!

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