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Frugal Secret Santa Gifts

Looking for Secret Santa gifts while on a budget? Here are some frugal ideas to help you get started!

I get really excited about the holidays because it means being able to get creative in regards to decorating, baking, gift giving, etc. Like a lot of you, though, we’re also on a budget, so I have to reign it in a little and not go entirely crazy.

I think these frugal Secret Santa gifts would be great for any person you may be buying for; I’ve included links where applicable, like craft ideas, to help give you instructions. Any other ideas? Feel free to leave a comment and give us your suggestions!

Coffee mug with: (Pick one or more)

  • Starbucks gift card
  • Bag of coffee
  • K-Cups
  • Hot chocolate packets

Candy cane sled
Dessert cookbook

Candy bars
Starbucks bottle gifts

Oven mitt with wooden spoon and cookie mix
Homemade treats (Put them in cute boxes to make them more festive; Hobby Lobby has great ones!)

Baking basket kit

  • Package of cookie mix
  • Wooden spoon
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie cutters
  • Icing

Fuzzy socks
Slippers stuffed with lotion/sanitizer
Hand soap
Mason jar gifts like these!
Lip balm
Sugar scrub
Card games like Uno, or just a deck of cards
Scented candle
Adult coloring book with colored pencils
Fleece blanket


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