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$85 Weekly Shopping and Menu 9-16-19

Image of groceries with the title "$85 weekly shopping for a family of 3"

Whew, I’m glad I was able to get this post out! We got back yesterday from an AMAZING weekend at Cedar Point for BloggyCon 2019. I met some new faces and saw a couple familiar ones (And got to meet Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom!), and I learned so much it was like drinking from a fire hose. Now I need to look over all my notes and make a plan!

Because of all that, I finished out my grocery shopping yesterday and stayed up a little later writing this post. Glad I did, because my week just wouldn’t be complete without giving you meal ideas!

I found a few awesome things this past week, including some salmon burgers and Philly steaks from my local grocery outlet. Recently I’ve been wanting to try new foods and this place definitely delivers!

And you’ll probably notice we now have a TON of yogurt. We’ve kind of been on a yogurt kick recently so I’ve just been rolling with it. Thankfully, they were all on sale! Here’s what I bought this week:

Image of groceries bought at Mr. Mac's Grocery Outlet

Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

Pepperidge Farm crackers: $1.25
Kids Larabars: $2.25
2 boxes frozen mashed cauliflower: $1.25 each
2 cups Quaker oatmeal: $.75 each
2 bags Skippy PB Bites: $.50 each
2 bags Fresh Thyme spelt and quinoa medley: $1.25 each
Frozen salmon burgers: $1.75
2 cups cereal: $.50 each
Great Value Sirloin Philly Steak: $3.00

Total: $17.25. Some of this was used for breakfast and snacks for Cedar Point over the weekend.

Image of groceries bought at Meijer


Small jug of Fairlife milk: $1.99, used at Cedar Point
Parchment paper: $2.99
15 cups Yoplait yogurt: $.50 each, used $.50/5 mPerks coupon
5 bags frozen veggies: $1.00 each, used a $.25/1 coupon from the mail
2 boxes snack-sized bags: $1.00 each
2 boxes sandwich-sized bags: $1.00 each
5 cups Skyr: $1.00 each. Used a $2.00/4 coupon and got one free from the 10 for $10 sale.

Total: $23.25. Also got a $2.00 reward toward my next order!

Image of groceries bought at Aldi


Butternut squash, 3.98 pounds: $3.94
Cottage cheese: $1.59
Milk: $2.19
Eggs: $.58
Sliced swiss: $1.79
Wheat tortillas: $1.59
2 1-pound bags Brussels sprouts: $1.39 each
Half & half: $1.55
Parmesan cheese: $2.29
Bananas, 1.38 pounds: $.61
Grapes, 2-pound box: $1.99, marked down
2 packages deli turkey: $1.99 each
String cheese: $2.79
Carrots, 2-pound bag: $1.29
Honeycrisp apples, 2-pound bag: $1.99
2 boxes strawberries: $1.65 each

Total: $34.25
Weekly Total: $74.75. Set aside $10.00 because I’m buying 10 pounds of pork chops at Mr. Mac’s this week!


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.

Cream Cheese Chicken Chili* (Ended up not making it last week)
Deli sandwiches (Bread in freezer), Green Giant veggie tots*
Quesadillas with the Great Value Philly Steaks and sliced Swiss, frozen veggies/roasted Brussels sprouts
Pizza Pockets* (Made them a couple weeks ago, in the freezer), roasted carrots
Instant Pot Chicken Thighs, frozen mashed cauliflower, Parmesan Rice* (Rice in pantry)
Banana Pancakes
Black Bean Soup* (Made it a couple weeks ago, in the freezer)

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oat Bars* (Didn’t make them last week), yogurt/cottage cheese

What’s on your menu this week? Share in the comments below!

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