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Why I Grocery Shop Weekly

Why I Grocery Shop Weekly- I'd love to hear what you do, too!

I love hearing everyone’s personal preferences when it comes to grocery shopping! I’m in awe of the mom who goes out once a month and gets everything for her family of 8, or the one who goes every 2 weeks for her slightly smaller family. As for my family, we go once a week. It’s something we’ve worked on now and again and it turns out to be the best option for us! Today I’m sharing 3 reasons why I grocery shop weekly.

We’re a smaller family

Allison LOVES the "car-car" cart at Kroger.

As a family of 3, I don’t necessarily need to do a whole month’s worth of shopping at a time. I can easily pick up Allison and head to the store whenever I need to with no problems! If you have a larger family and going to the store is just too much of a hassle, then perhaps going once a month is just easier. Allison loves going shopping with me, especially if it’s Kroger; then she gets to ride the “car-car cart”! She has fun pretending she’s driving, I’m getting shopping done, it’s a win-win.

I shop based on what’s on sale every week

I had thought about doing once-a-month shopping, but then each week something awesome would go on sale and I’d just keep shopping weekly. I save a lot more money this way, because I collect coupons and watch sites like Kroger Krazy to see when I can use them. Being able to buy 5 jars of salsa at a low price of $1.00 when it’s on sale, to me, is better than shopping monthly and happening to buy them when they’re not on sale, at $1.89 each. I also just look forward to the newspaper on Sundays to see what’s on sale that week! It’s like Christmas morning for me; I’m kind of lame.

I save more money than I would shopping monthly

Shopping monthly, for me, means purchasing EVERYTHING to use for the whole month, including produce. I’m well-known for letting produce expire before using it all, so monthly shopping would not work for me. At least when I shop weekly, I know I’ll use everything and not waste money. This goes along with shopping based on what’s on sale; I save a lot more money in the end.

I’m interested in hearing how often you shop for groceries! Once a week? Once a month? Every day? I’d love to hear how you do it!



Thursday 12th of November 2015

I do once a month shopping at Sam's Club for the basic: flour, oil, etc. I also do once a week shopping at Kroger and/ or fruit mkt for milk, bread, produce, and stocking up on sale items.


Thursday 12th of November 2015

Awesome! We go to Sam's at least twice a month for random things, too. =)

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