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I Went Inside a Store! $92.85 Grocery Haul

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For the first time in who knows how long, I actually went inside a grocery store for this shopping trip!

I haven’t been to my grocery outlet, Mr. Mac’s, in a few weeks. But just this week, they’ve closed the store down to do online ordering/curbside pickup. They opened up on Thursday only to help make room in their freezers, and everything was 10% off. So I donned a mask and was able to get some good stuff for the week!

I really miss being able to go to different stores and get the best prices. Part of that is why we raised our grocery budget to $100 a week. Wal Mart is great, but their produce prices just aren’t as good as Aldi; I can get so much more at Aldi with my money.

But I may start actually going to Aldi starting next week, depending on John’s work schedule. Rules are lightening up slightly here in Ohio, but I still don’t want to take Allison to the store. We’ll have to see!

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Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

We were out of snacks for Allison so we were both happy that I got two boxes! $1.75 each for Annie’s bars is super good.

Two impulse buys: The Skippy PB&J minis and the Organic Valley protein drink. I thought Allison would enjoy those little sandwiches as a treat for lunch!

And- Allison’s requested to try fish this week! I went the cheap route and bought some simple salmon burgers here that I’ll cut in half and use in fish tacos. And that frozen sausage will be used as meatballs for spaghetti- can’t wait to try it!

Total: $17.41


My Kroger trip was basically “Get whatever Wal Mart was out of”. The Mountain Dew was actually free with a digital coupon!

Funny story about the milk: A gallon costs $2.99 while the half gallon was on sale for $.99. So I ordered four half gallons, which should have been $4.00.

When I picked up my order, the guy told me they were out of half gallons so they gave me two 1-gallons, but kept the original price of each half gallon. So I only paid $.99 per gallon of milk. Crazy!

Total: $9.85

Wal Mart

I had zero substitutions but two items that were out of stock: a 12-pack of soda and fresh broccoli. John went back out later and bought those.

I really wanted a bigger can of oats- they used to have the 42-ounce can but I could only buy an 18-ounce can. Hopefully that, plus what I already have, will last us the week because I have lots of oat recipes planned for breakfast/snacks!

Also, Great Value K-Cups are pretty much the best ever. They’re cheap and the flavors are AMAZING. I’m a big fan of the Caramel Creme, but this Toasted Coconut is now second place! What are your favorite flavors?

Total: $59.56
Weekly Total: $92.85. I have about $6.00 left over that I’ll put into our Sam’s Club fund.

Want to try Wal Mart Grocery Pickup? Click here to use my link and we’ll both get $10.00 off a $50.00 order!


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.


  • Dinner out- John’s birthday dinner
  • Cobb salads- Hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots
  • Pineapple BBQ Chicken Bowls- One of the recipes that will be in my free challenge! Chicken*, BBQ sauce, pineapple, tomato, cilantro, rice, lettuce, roasted broccoli
  • Fish tacos- Salmon burgers, tortillas, coleslaw, Pepperjack cheese. Serving with rice*.
  • Chicken Sausage Pasta- Sliced chicken sausages cooked with onion*, added to penne* with Parmesan cheese. Serving with frozen broccoli.
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs with frozen broccoli- Accidentally making two pasta dishes this week but it’s cheap!
  • Pancakes



What’s on your menu this week? Share below in the comments!

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