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$92.56 Grocery Haul 5-25-20

Oh my goodness, what an amazing weekend!

Friday was my birthday (The big 34), and I celebrated basically all day. Free Starbucks, got a massage, and stuffed my face with chicken wings and fries, and Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Although, I was legit jealous of Allison’s Oreo cheesecake and vowed to always get that one from now on because it was HUGE.

Then for Memorial Day today, we’re hosting a socially-distanced lunch with my family so it’ll be nice to finally see them again!

As far as the grocery haul goes, it was all pretty standard- no substitutions, no shortages of items… it all went smoothly! I’m slowly transitioning into shopping mainly at Aldi now except when I need specific things I can’t get there- like shampoo.

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Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

I wanted to stock up on a few of the new meats they got in- Like the Garrett Valley uncured turkey bacon. Allison LOVES turkey bacon and I think they were only $1.50 each. I also bought some more chicken sausages and some turkey breakfast sausage patties to keep for later.

They were giving away grocery bags full of snacks with every order, and it contained bags of Sun Chips, Doritos, pretzels, cookies, and a juice bottle. We’ve definitely been working on those!

Total: $10.00

Wal Mart

Some of the items from here and Aldi are not part of the grocery budget and were part of another fund used for our Memorial Day lunch- mostly the soda, buns, and dessert items. I also spent a lot on stocking up on food and non-food, like the sponges and shampoo as well as random condiments we were out of like sriracha and vanilla extract.

That bottle of Aussie shampoo should last Allison forever! I didn’t realize how big it was, and the scent is Coral Reef Cupcake so I’m excited to see how she likes it.

Total (Just grocery): $40.77


I don’t think I actually needed the chicken this week because I have one in the freezer- but I had the extra money to buy it, so it’s all being frozen.

Finally, I had run out of butter! I bought quite a few boxes during the holidays when they were $1.99, and I just bought one to stick in the freezer.

Total (Just grocery): $41.79
Weekly Total: $92.56


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.



What’s on your menu this week? Share below in the comments!

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