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$92.15 Grocery Haul 5-18-20

Oh my goodness, I was SUPER happy about going shopping this weekend!

You see, we got some extra money and we set aside some of it for a big stock-up run. You’ll see everything down below, but it was such perfect timing. As I was looking through it all, I was saying “We were almost out of this, and we just ran out of this…”. That was a good feeling, knowing we won’t have to worry about some of this stuff for awhile!

Is anyone else’s kids still doing school work? This is Allison’s last week and to say we’re both excited is an understatement. Now, she’s in Kindergarten, so it’s not a ton of work. But we’re ready for it to be done so we can… do the same things we were doing before. Ohio is slowly re-opening, but the amusement parks are still closed, as well as playgrounds.

We’ll get through it, though! One step at a time.

Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

My local outlet store has gone to online-only, so I placed a quick order. Really, the only reason I went was for those Aidells chicken sausages. They’re pretty bomb, and you can’t beat $1.75 each. I kind of snagged the last two, and they went back into our freezer to use later.

Total: $7.75

Wal Mart

I made a mistake both here and at Aldi.

You see, I typically place a “random” order for a Friday morning so I can reserve a good time slot. It’s all stuff I buy anyway, but I have to cross-check it with my Aldi list to make sure I don’t double-buy.

Well, it happened with eggs and Greek yogurt. So now I have 5 dozen eggs in the fridge and 2 1/2 tubs of Greek yogurt I get to find uses for. Better get eating! At least there were no substitutions.

Total: $38.12


I’ve been lucky enough to find chicken at Aldi for two weeks straight. Apparently they run out pretty fast! I always separate it and put it all in the freezer, then get it out when I need it. I’m always paranoid about it spoiling.

Total: $46.28
Weekly Total: $92.15. I have almost $8.00 left over that might go into my Sam’s Club fund.

Bonus: Sam’s Club

This run wasn’t part of grocery at all, but I wanted to show it here. I’m so happy to be able to fill my house and not worry about it for awhile!

I was most excited about that ground turkey, though. That’s 93% lean, and it’s a dollar cheaper per pound than it is at Aldi. Granted, you have to buy 5 pounds of it; but I cooked it all and separated it into 5 bags to freeze.

And I can’t believe I bought a box of 100 K-Cups. Thankfully, this Columbian Supreme is pretty good, and actually is comparable to Starbucks dark roast in taste!

The hot dogs and chicken sausages will be partially used for a Memorial Day lunch with family (Social-distanced).


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.



What’s on your menu this week? Share below in the comments!

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