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$85 Weekly Shopping and Menu 11-25-19

Image of groceries with the title "$85 weekly shopping for a family of 3"

Happy Thanksgiving week!! This shopping trip is a little different because we’ll be out of town Wednesday through Sunday. I bought a couple things to feed us the next couple days, but also got a bunch of stuff to last us through most of the trip.

I’m super excited because we’ll be staying in a house with a total of 9 people- 5 of them kids- so I’m bringing plenty of snacks. Don’t panic if you don’t see a lot of “healthy” foods! My goal is to bring what I can from home and buy the rest later.

Lunches will include lots of sandwiches, like PB&J and ham. I plan to hit up our bread outlet store on Tuesday to get a bunch of 50-cent bread loaves! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, make sure you do so because I’ll post Stories of my haul and other highlights of our road trip adventures!

Here’s my small grocery haul for the week:

Image of groceries bought at Mr. Mac's Grocery Outlet

Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

Boom Chicka Pop pocorn, 12-pack: $3.00
Box of Larabars: $2.00
3 Epic bars: $.75 each
4 bags mini Oreos: $.25 each
2 Devour Smart oatmeal cookie bars: $.35 each
Box of 6 Back To Nature chocolate chip cookies: $1.50

Total: $10.45

Image of groceries bought at Kroger


Ground beef, 3-pound roll: $5.97, used a $1.10 off coupon I got in the mail
2 jars peanut butter: $1.79 each
2 bags M&Ms: $2.50 each

Total: $13.45

Image of groceries bought at Wal Mart

Wal Mart

Parmesan cheese (Ordered Great Value, substituted with Kraft): $2.36
Grapes, 2.17 pounds: $1.08, apparently they were $.50/lb!
4-pack vanilla Greek yogurt: $2.47
Whole wheat hot dog buns: $.87
Folgers French Vanilla coffee: $3.72
Strawberries: $1.97
Cottage cheese: $1.64
2 jars spaghetti sauce: $.88 each
2 boxes spaghetti: $1.48 each
Welch’s Natural strawberry jelly: $2.98
2 containers black forest ham: $2.48 each
Box of instant oatmeal packets: $1.72
Earth Balance buttery spread: $3.48
Extra cinnamon gum: $2.48
Sweetener packets: $1.25

Total: $35.70, and got $8.00 back from Ibotta– $3.00 for using Grocery Pickup, and $5.00 for making an online purchase!
Weekly Total: $59.60. Still have about $30 left to purchase extra groceries on our trip.


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.

Kings Island (Yay!)
Chicken hot dogs* (Hot dogs purchased a couple weeks ago), frozen veggies
Leftovers (Gotta clean out the fridge before we leave!)
Pizza- ordering out
Thanksgiving- making Peanut Butter Brownies
Chicken nuggets (Will purchase the stuff for this while we’re on vacation)

Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Scrambled eggs

What’s on your menu this week? Share below in the comments!

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