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$75 Weekly Shopping and Menu 9-2-19

Image of groceries with the title "$75 Weekly Shopping and Menu"

This is gonna be a LONG post- so if all you want is to see my shopping trip, scroll down to the bottom!

Long story short- we’re officially RAISING our grocery budget to $85 per week starting next week!

I’ve been struggling since around March with our grocery budget. I’ve been wanting to raise it for awhile but have been feeling guilty. My job is to teach you how to save money on groceries, so how would it look if I started spending more? Would that be hypocritical? We’re just a family of 3; I know families of 4 that only spend $50 a week, so why can’t I be more like them?

The truth is that there are so many factors going into this decision, and I want to share them below. Not so much to make excuses, but to explain my thought process so hopefully you understand.

Image of a lunchbox filled with food

We’re spending more on lunches

Allison has expressed to me that she’s grown bored of eating the same thing every day, all week. I saved money by doing that, but now I see that she just doesn’t want to eat because it’s always the same food.

I’m still in the growing pains stage of figuring out the school lunch thing. But it seems that keeping around multiple choices of food will simply cost more no matter what.

We’re beginning to cook dinner 7 days a week instead of 6

It’s interesting how this happened. It used to be that the dinners I made served 6-8, so John and I had plenty of leftovers. But now, the dinners I’m choosing tend to serve 4, or sometimes even 2-3.

Maybe it’s just poor planning on my part. I can probably do better. Part of it too is that I’m experimenting with foods from Mr. Mac’s outlet which, while they’re super cheap, don’t have as many servings. We’re trying new foods, which adds variety, but at the expense of having to buy more food to make up for it.

We’re making more money now

And we’ve come down to the biggest part- money.

When I started this blog, I was a stay-at-home mom living on just John’s income. We had to be conservative so we could make that money last.

4 years later, this “little blog” of mine is now making a full-time income AND I’ve taken up a part-time job as a receptionist for the fun of it. I’m so grateful for what we have, because now we can give more and start working on our big goal- paying off our house.

So with this extra income, I feel like I can justify raising our grocery budget a bit. Not by a crazy amount, and it’s not like I’m just gonna go crazy every week now that we have “all this money”. But an extra ten dollars a week will really help with the added expenses of Allison’s lunches and simply cooking more.

I’m sorry if this no longer feels like a “frugal living” blog. I still love grabbing good deals and will buy as much as I can with the money we have. We’re just spending a little more money now, and I hope you understand and will continue to read!

Now- with all that out of the way, let’s get to the good part- What I bought this week!

Image of a shopping trip from Mr. Mac's Grocery Outlet

Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

4 bags Fresh Thyme frozen rice and quinoa blends: $1.25 each; they had a ton and they looked delicious!
Quaker Overnight Oats: $.40
2 bags Skippy peanut butter bites: $.50 each
Can of Diet Cherry Pepsi: $.50
White cheddar popcorn: $1.25
Van’s peanut butter chocolate snack bars: $1.75
Barbara’s granola: $2.25
Annie’s cookie dough protein bar: $1.75

Total: $13.94. I also pre-ordered a case of 10 pounds of pork chops for $10.00 and I’ll pick that up in a couple weeks!

Image of a shopping trip from Kroger


2 bottles Franks Red Hot: $.99 each from 2-day sale
2 boxes Betty Crocker Cake Mix: $.50 each from 2-day sale
Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix: $2.79
Coconut milk: $1.59
5 cups Fage yogurt: $1.00 each
Kroger Greek yogurt: Free from Free Friday Download
2 blocks cheese: $1.77, used a $.85/2 digital coupon
KIND bar: Free from Free Friday Download
5 Larabars: $.50 each from 2-day sale (I ate one in the car)
Italian seasoning: $1.00

Total: $19.30

Image of a shopping trip from Aldi


Salami: $2.59
Sliced cheese: $1.79
3 packages strawberries: $1.29 each
Loaf of bread: $1.29
2 cans chickpeas: $.49 each
Marshmallows: $.89
Bananas, 2.69 pounds: $1.18
Red grapes, 2.55 pounds: $2.01
3 cans diced tomatoes: $.45 each
Cottage cheese: $1.59
Sweetener packets: $1.95
Bagels: $1.29
Deli ham: $1.99
Honey: $2.89
Vanilla Greek yogurt tub: $3.49
Coffee creamer: $1.79
Eggs: $.58
Milk: $1.89

Total: $33.37

Image of Crystal Light boxes


5 containers Crystal Light: $1.49, were Buy 5 Save $5.00

Total: $7.45
Weekly Total: $82.56 after taking out $5.00 for a Sam’s Club run.


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.

Ground turkey quesadillas* (Everything already in house), roasted zucchini*
Aidell’s chicken burgers* (Burgers and buns in freezer), frozen veggies*
Aidell’s chicken meatballs*, frozen Birdseye protein mix*, frozen veggies*
Instant Pot Chickpea Curry
Instant Pot Rice and Beans
Toasted ham and cheese bagel sandwiches, frozen veggies*

Yogurt with granola and berries
Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Making Texas Sheet Cake Cookies with the boxed cake mix (They’re delicious!!)

What’s on your menu this week? Share below in the comments!


Monday 2nd of September 2019

I understand everything you explained! We are a family of three, almost four and we stick to $75 a week. But lately groceries all around us within a 50 mile radius, have all raised their prices. Some prices are just by cents, others by dollars and it adds up quickly! So, I to struggle and feel amazing when I come in in or under budget, but most weeks, I'm just happy to he in the ballpark!


Tuesday 3rd of September 2019

I've definitely noticed that prices are rising! You're right, it could be by just a few cents, but it does add up. =)


Monday 2nd of September 2019

You're still doing an amazing job at being frugal and staying within your budget! I love all your tips and ideas of how to get the most for your money. I print out alot of your recipes too.


Monday 2nd of September 2019

Thank you so much, Brenda! I appreciate that!


Monday 2nd of September 2019

I wanted to add the most of the people that spend a very small amount on groceries tend to eat out a lot and also don’t include non food items. We rarely eat out and I include toiletries.


Monday 2nd of September 2019

Thank you, Michelle! Yeah, our budget also includes toiletries. We eat out a couple times a month too, but have another line in the budget for that. =)


Monday 2nd of September 2019

You don’t have to explain anything ?. You still do a great job . I spend more than that for 2! I would love to be at your amount. Have a great week.


Monday 2nd of September 2019

I still think $85 is an amazing amount to show weekly for. Everything is a work in progress and if you can’t be flexible you can’t explore new things or take advantage of deals. One day I’d like to take everything you buy and translate it to my store prices lol!


Monday 2nd of September 2019

Thank you, Nicole! I do feel a bit more freedom now, knowing that I can try new things here and there. =)

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