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40+ Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

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Gift-wrapped boxes in the background with text: "Cheap gift ideas that are $5.00 or less"

Looking for cheap gift ideas under 5 dollars? Here’s a list of over 40, perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or other small occasions!

It’s hard to be on a tight budget but still want to bless others with gifts!

Whether it be teachers, neighbors, or co-workers, you want to give them something special but not go broke buying a gift for everyone.

I get it. I have SO many friends here and there; and then there’s Allison’s teacher, the person I said hi to once down the street…

Okay, maybe not that far. But how do you give special gifts on a low budget?

What are some cheap gift ideas?

This list has over 40 gift ideas for smaller budgets. In fact, most of these are $5.00 or under!

Does that seem too cheap? Depending on your budget, you can buy more than one per person.

And some of these can be put together into cute baskets, like these gift basket ideas!

Keep scrolling to find the type of person you want to buy for, and hopefully you’ll find some creative ideas for Christmas, birthdays, or just-because!

Where can I find cheap gifts under $5.00?

Believe it or not, Dollar Tree and Five Below are REALLY good stores for creative gift ideas. Seriously.

Yes, some of the items have a lower quality, and you’ll want to watch out for those.

But for the most part, the items in those stores are just as good as name brand. In fact, some of them ARE name brand!

So definitely keep a look out for those discount stores. They’re worth it!

What about homemade gifts?

Oh, homemade gifts are PERFECT! It’s a great way to show someone how much you appreciate him or her; and a lot of times they can be frugal as well.

Here are some crafts I’ve made over the years:

40+ Cheap Gift ideas That Cost 5 Dollars or Less

A phone taking a picture of food with text saying "Gift ideas for the foodie"

Cheap Gift Ideas for the foodie

Dough scraper

Fruit and vegetable brush

Pizza cutter

Meal prep containers- Dollar Tree actually has name brands!

Snack containers

Leakproof storage bags

Tea towels


Weights and headphones laying on the ground with the text "Gift ideas for the athlete"

Cheap gift ideas for the athlete

Jump rope

Foam roller- I’ve seen some at Five Below!


Water bottle

Ear buds

Yoga mat

Habit tracker


A white couch with the text "Gift ideas for the lounger"

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Lounger


Fuzzy pants

Fuzzy socks

Coffee mug


Adult coloring book

An apple sitting on top of a pile of books with the text "Gift ideas for the teacher"

Cheap Gift ideas for the teacher

Coffee mug

Gift card- Starbucks could be a good go-to!

“Sunshine” basket- a Dollar Tree basket with yellow items- lotion, soap, candy, etc.

Hand Sanitizer




A child holding up paint-covered hands with the text "Gift ideas for the kids"

SaveCheap gift ideas for the kids

Jump rope

Crayons and coloring book


Small stuffed animal




Blind bag– These are perfect for the kid who likes to collect things!

DVD- Wal Mart has $5.00 DVD bins!

Movie basket- A Dollar Tree basket with a Redbox code, popcorn, and candy

A clipboard laying on a desk with the text "Gift ideas for the office worker"

Gift ideas for the office worker

Pen holders





Post-it dispenser

Cute mousepad

Coffee mug


SaveWhat other great cheap gift ideas have you found? Leave a comment and give us more ideas!


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