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Build a Stockpile With $5 a Week- Without Coupons!

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You don't need coupons to build a stockpile! With just $5.00 a week, you can stock your pantry and still be frugal. An easy way to make cheap dinners!

Having a stockpile of items is one of the best ways to ensure you always have what you need and save money by not always having to go to the store. But I know a lot of people either aren’t familiar with using coupons to maximize savings, or are just plain too busy! And stockpiling doesn’t have to involve going to Sam’s Club and buying the big boxes. Would you be willing to set aside $5.00 a week to help build your stockpile?

This method doesn’t involve waiting for the perfect sale or printing out tons of coupons. All you have to do is spend $5.00 on as much of a specific item as you can each week to fill your pantry. Included in this list below is 18 items you can buy in a rotation to ensure you never run out! It’s amazing how much you can stockpile with $5.00 a week.

Customize this list to fit your family’s needs, and in whatever order you need to. If you use whole wheat flour, buy that instead! If you don’t buy canned veggies, buy frozen!

The list below consists of things that I personally buy for my family. I bake my own bread/rolls, so a lot of what’s below is used in my baking. And in some cases you may want to save your $5.00 for the next week for items like toilet paper if you buy the bigger packages.

Week 1: Flour
Week 2: Sugar
Week 3: Baking powder/soda
Week 4: Vegetable/olive oil
Week 5: Yeast
Week 6: Shredded cheese
Week 7: Salt
Week 8: Butter
Week 9: Toilet paper
Week 10: Cream of chicken soup
Week 11: Tissues
Week 12: Boxed pasta
Week 13: Canned crushed tomatoes
Week 14: Canned tomato paste
Week 15: Canned diced tomatoes
Week 16: Canned corn
Week 17: Cream of mushroom soup
Week 18:Paper towels

When you reach week 19, you can start all over again! I use the “Cream of” soups for cooking, and the canned tomatoes are used for spaghetti sauce.

Build your stockpile with $5 a week!

Click here to print a PDF of the image above that you can stick on your fridge to help you remember what to buy!

What are YOUR favorite items to stockpile? Share in the comments below!



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