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5 Tips to Save $60 a Month on Groceries


Looking to cut your grocery budget, save money, and eat for less? Here are 5 tips to save $60 a month on groceries!

I am constantly searching for new ways to save money on my grocery bill. Food can be so darn expensive! I’ve learned a few tips and tricks throughout the years and I want to share my top 5 ways that we save each month. Some of these may not apply to your family due to size; or maybe you have a huge family and can save even more than $60 a month doing these things! Either way, I hope even one of these will help inspire you to save money on your grocery bill!

1. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef

Where I live, ground beef is around $2.99 a pound or more. It’s crazy! One day at Sam’s Club, I saw a bulk package of ground turkey that was $2.59 a pound and decided to try it. I can’t taste a difference! I use it everywhere I’d use ground beef: Tacos, chili, pasta… it’s healthier and cheaper, too! Let’s break it down.

  • Ground beef: $2.99/lb, 2 times a week: $23.92 a month
  • Ground turkey: $2.59/lb, 2 times a week: $20.72 a month
  • Savings: $3.20

2. Go meatless once a week

Going along with above, why not make a meatless meal once a week? You’ve probably seen a Meatless Monday trend going around; try it and see what happens! There are lots of great vegetarian recipes that are super cheap and filled with protein. This Mexican Quinoa recipe is delicious and keeps you full even without meat!

  • Saving an average of $3 a week from going meatless once a week
  • Savings: $12.00

3. Use store brand canned veggies, beans, tomatoes

I’ve found that there is no real difference for me between name brand and store brand canned vegetables. I use a lot of canned tomatoes for soups and sauces and it’s SO much cheaper to buy store brand, especially at Aldi! I’m using an average of 5 cans a week in this example, but you may use more or less depending on your family size!

  • Del Monte brand canned vegetables, $1.00 each, 5 a week: $20.00 a month
  • Aldi brand canned vegetables, $.59 each, 5 a week: $11.80 a month
  • Savings: $8.20

4. Bake your own dinner rolls/bread

Rolls and other types of bread are perfect with dinner! Have you tried making your own? It’s incredibly easy and costs a lot less. Try my recipe for bread machine dinner rolls! The cost savings below reflect using one batch a week.

  • Buying one package a week at $2.00 a package: $8.00 a month
  • Making your own once a week at $.69 a batch: $2.76
  • Savings: $5.24

5. Have a leftover night

This might not be feasible if you have a large family and don’t have leftovers from dinner, but my family of 3 does pretty much every night. We do eat leftovers for lunch every day, but we still need a night to finish off whatever’s left! I’m averaging $8.00 per week for this, which includes the dinner and any side items.

  • Savings: $32.00

Following the above tips could save you up to $60 or more each month! That’s extra money you could put into savings, or stock up on essentials. If you need more ideas, be sure to check my weekly shopping trips every Monday to get inspiration on how to save even more money on your groceries.

What is YOUR favorite way to save money on your grocery bill? Share with us below!

 Looking to cut your grocery budget, save money, and eat for less? Here are 5 tips to save $60 a month on groceries!




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Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Wow...I live in Louisiana and ground beef here is rarely under $4/lb. It never goes on sale. I use turkey for stuff like pasta but we hate Turkey burgers. We mostly eat no meat meals or stuff with chicken because we simply cannot afford anything else.


Monday 27th of April 2015

These tips are spot on! As I already do many of them.

I do not bake my own bread, but my husband works for his family bakery. So that is the best! I get homemade bread...but I don't have to do the work. And it's free. He just brings it home. :)

Gotta love Aldi!


Monday 27th of April 2015

I think getting free fresh bread is totally better than having to bake your own! =P I love it!

Lydia @ Thrifty Frugal Mom

Monday 27th of April 2015

These are excellent money saving tips and I love how you lay it all out price wise.

I guess we are picky, but we just didn't care for the taste of ground turkey, But I found that if I do half ground turkey, half ground beef, we don't mind it all. So, no, we don't save as much, but it still is a savings!

And I had no idea that brand name veggies were that expensive. Oy! Yes, I love, love, LOVE Aldi and save a ton by shopping there.

Another way that I love to save is by using money saving apps. The savings don't add up quickly, but I typically save around $100 just by using the app savings on things that I'd purchase anyway.


Monday 27th of April 2015

Yes, I like those apps too! My problem is remembering to actually scan my receipts at the end of the week. =)

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