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Taking Advantage of mPerks

Have you ever used mPerks at Meijer? Here's how to take advantage of what they have to offer using coupons and rewards!

While I do a lot of my shopping at Aldi now, I do go to Meijer every week as well to take advantage of their sales and coupons. Their mPerks program is one of the best store rewards systems, and today I want to show you how to take advantage of mPerks and everything it has to offer!


I do talk about coupons here a lot, and mPerks has a lot of coupons you can clip. A lot of them are the same ones you can get in the newspaper or print online. But mPerks has coupons for Meijer brand items too, which is extra helpful if you only like buying store brand! I tend to clip as many as possible just in case I need them.

Have you ever used mPerks at Meijer? Here's how to take advantage of what they have to offer using coupons and rewards!

The ones that I want to talk about are these. These are the BEST coupons you can clip. See how it says “Store Coupon”? This means that you can use these in addition to any manufacturer coupons you may have. So in the case of this coupon, you can buy enough Dove bar soap to go over $6.00, use any manufacturer coupons for Dove, and then use that store coupon. Now I will say that I don’t know if this store coupon will apply before or after you use the manufacturer coupons, so I would be safe and try to get over $6.00 worth of stuff even after the manufacturer coupons.

I love these because they show up all the time. I’ve had ones for frozen vegetables, bread, baking items… if you can play your cards right, you can get groceries for really cheap. And in addition to the digital coupons, you have a chance of similar coupons printing at the register after you pay! One time recently I had a store coupon for $1.00 anything in the bread aisle, any brand. I also had a coupon for Aunt Millie’s bread, which was typically $4.00 a loaf. After a Buy One, Get One Free sale, and using the two coupons, I ended up paying only $1.00 a loaf, which was amazing!

In addition to these, check your coupons a few days a week because sometimes they’ll randomly add coupons for free stuff; I’ve gotten quite a few free yogurt cups from this!

AND, if you tend to do your shopping on Fridays or Saturdays, always be on the lookout for the 5% off Grocery coupons they have for the 2-day sales! I always do my shopping on those two days to take advantage.

Have you ever used mPerks at Meijer? Here's how to take advantage of what they have to offer using coupons and rewards!


If you do a lot of shopping at Meijer, don’t forget to clip your rewards! You typically have 28 days, from the day you clip it, to earn the reward. Depending on how often you shop there, this may not be too hard! Honestly, most of the only times I get these rewards are between October and December, due to birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I bought clothes and toys for the kids, and I earned a reward for both Apparel and Total Purchase; so that meant I received $11.00 to use for my next order! Other rewards include produce, dairy, frozen foods, toys, and other special categories at times, like Starbucks or Reeses. Make sure you clip these rewards before shopping, otherwise you’re missing out on free money!

Using all of this with my weekly shopping, I end up saving quite a bit of money on my shopping trips! If you don’t have an mPerks account, just click here to sign up. All you need is your email address, phone number (to enter at the register), and a 4-digit PIN, and you can get started right away! Let me know how you take advantage of mPerks as well!

Richatd Plank

Saturday 25th of March 2023

How can I receive the coupons in the mail, most customers have them, but I don't


Monday 27th of March 2023

Great question! I'm not sure, but maybe you can call the Meijer corporate office to see. =)

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