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Summer Breakfast Freezer Meals- 3 Hours, 30 Days of Breakfasts

Keep your house cool this Summer with these Summer Breakfast Freezer Meals! 3 hours, 6 recipes, delicious food! Includes a free cooking plan!

Holy cow, everyone. I don’t know about you, but it’s getting HOT here in Ohio. We didn’t even have a Spring. It went from the 50s to the 80s in the span of a week; and while I can’t say I’m too happy about that, I’m getting prepared!

One thing I’m doing this Summer is trying to avoid my stove and oven as much as possible. The problem is, we love hot prepared breakfasts. They’re easy to get out of the fridge and heat up, but that still takes effort!

So I got the bright idea, while the weather is still tolerable, to do a huge freezer meal session. I’d spend an entire morning in the kitchen making a month’s worth of freezer meals for my family of 3, so I won’t have to worry about using my stove/oven for at least 30 days. Pretty genius, right?

Here’s what I planned:

  • 2 loaves Banana Bread
  • 24 Veggie Omelet Cups
  • 12 bagel sandwiches
  • 12 Breakfast Bowls
  • 2 pans Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal
  • 40-ish Carrot Pancakes

With my hair in a bun and pulling on a tanktop and shorts, I got to work!

How to Make a Month’s Worth of Freezer Meals

The key to making a bunch of meals at once is using your time to the best of your ability. This means strategically putting recipes in the oven that bake at the same temperature; then cooking other items while those recipes bake.

Working in those little “time pockets” is the difference between a 3-hour session and a 6-hour session!

For example: I started by baking the Banana Bread and Omelet Cups at the same time because they both baked at 350 degrees. Since it took 55 minutes and 25 minutes each, that gave me time to start cooking the sausage and eggs for the Breakfast Bowls.

What 30 Days of Freezer Breakfasts Looks Like

Exactly 3 hours later, I had all 6 recipes cooked and cooling. It look longer to cut up everything and freeze it all because, due to lack of planning, I had almost zero space in my freezers for all this. Oops! But I made it work somehow.

It took a lot of effort, but I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about breakfast for a month. Some of these I’ll pair with other foods; for example, I’ll eat the banana bread with some cottage cheese, or two Omelet Cups with some toast. The others are just fine by themselves!

Want the recipes, grocery list, and cooking plan for all this? I put it together FREE, just for you! You can get it sent to your inbox right here. If you end up making these, tell me what you think!

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