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Best Sides and Sauces to Serve With Ravioli

What goes well with ravioli? Here is a list of sides and sauces that you can use in your next ravioli dinner!

When I think of ravioli, I think fun. I think it’s because I grew up with those canned ravioli meals; but seriously, weren’t they fun to eat as a kid?

Now that I’m (much) older, I still enjoy a good ravioli. My tastes have changed though, and I experiment with different types of ravioli and sauces a lot for my main course.

Plain ravioli on a wooden cutting board with text "What to serve with ravioli"

When it comes to ravioli, and other types of pasta, what side dishes go best with it? I’ve rounded up some of the best side dishes AND sauces to go with this fun main dish.

Ravioli on a plate with shaved Parmesan cheese on top

Ravioli side dishes

Ravioli has a mixture of protein and carbs from the cheese/meat and pasta. I recommend rounding it out with some kind of vegetable for extra nutrition; but I list out some extra bread options below, too.

  • Garlic bread
  • Sourdough rolls
  • Italian bread- I’ll sometimes buy a large loaf and cut it in half, then bake and add garlic butter. So good!
  • Spring salad- A simple green salad is great too! Add cherry tomatoes, croutons, maybe some bacon, and red onions.
  • Caesar salad- I think this is the perfect side dish for pasta! Usually made with Romaine lettuce, croutons/ bread crumbs, and Parmesan cheese.
  • Oven-roasted vegetables- I usually make broccoli or green beans to go with a pasta dish. Sometimes I throw a bag of frozen veggies in the microwave, but I’ll also roast them! Drizzle with olive oil and seasoning, and roast at 400 degrees F for 20-25 minutes.
Ravioli with tomato sauce

Sauces for ravioli

Who knew there were so many options for pasta sauce? Whether it’s a cream sauce or something sweeter, here are some of the best sauces to use.

  • Tomato sauce- Marinara sauce is classic for me. I sprinkle mozzarella cheese and red pepper flakes on top and it’s perfect!
  • Alfredo sauce- Made with a mixture of Parmesan cheese and heavy cream, this creamy sauce may go well with a meat-filled ravioli!
  • Cheese sauce- I don’t mean cheddar cheese (Although it might be interesting!). The Cozy Cook has a delicious-looking sauce made with cream cheese and Parmesan cheese- a super easy recipe!
  • Brown butter sauce- This is a great option if you want something simple but not too “saucy”.
  • Olive oil- Sometimes a good olive oil is all you need! A little bit goes a long way here.
  • Pesto- This is usually a green sauce made with pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, garlic, and basil.
Floured ravioli on a cutting board

Ravioli variations

For awhile, I never realized there were so many types of ravioli! I got introduced to a few types at Aldi, when they had specialty buys. Here are a few that I’ve heard of:

  • Cheese ravioli- Usually made with ricotta cheese
  • Pumpkin ravioli
  • Lobster ravioli
  • Butternut squash ravioli

Feel free to make homemade ravioli. I personally don’t have the patience for it (Hello ADHD), but there are so many different ways to make ravioli that you could probably make it once a week and not get bored.

For those like me who like more convenient options, check the frozen AND refrigerated sections at your grocery store. You can usually find cheap options there.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, I prefer life to be simple. If I can get a meal on the dinner table quickly, I’m all for it! Any of the above is a good choice for a ravioli dinner; and I’m sure you’ll find some new favorite combinations!

What are some of your favorite ways to eat ravioli? Please share in the comments and give us more ideas!

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