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$85 Weekly Shopping and Menu 11-11-19

I have something exciting to share about this week’s grocery haul!

Image of a shopping cart of food at Dollar Tree

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my picture of a cart filled with Dollar Tree food. Remember how about 6 months ago, I fed my family for $75 at Dollar Tree as an experiment?

Well, I posted that grocery haul on Youtube and didn’t think much of it. But now, 6 months later, “Dollar Tree meals” are my top search query on Youtube. Who knew this would be such a need?

It’s been on my heart for awhile, because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to try something like this again. But the people are asking for it, so I shall deliver!

Once a month, I’m going to create three new Dollar Tree meals for you all. My goal is to spend $5.00 or less per meal, and have it be reasonably healthy for your family. I bought the food for it this week (Using my business money, so it’s not included in the grocery budget); so check my Instagram stories this week for a preview, and stay tuned until next week for a blog post/video!

Here’s my grocery haul for the week, shopping at Mr. Mac’s and Wal Mart:

Image of groceries from Mr. Mac's Grocery Outlet

Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

2 packages Pretzilla pretzel buns: $1.25 each
2 packages Wellshire deli turkey: $1.00 each
3 Epic bars: $.75 each
20-pack Lance crackers: $3.25
Pure Protein bars, Maple Caramel: $3.00
Gevalia cold brew concentrate: $2.75
Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links: $4.50

Total: $22.00

Images of groceries bought at Wal Mart
Image of groceries bought at Wal Mart

Wal Mart

Broccoli, 1.15 pounds: $2.03
Zucchini, .57 pounds: $.78
Bananas, 1.64 pounds: $.75
Red grapes, 2.24 pounds: $2.19
Cumin: $.98
Canned chickpeas: $.54
Half & half: $1.34
Salami: $2.48
Sretch Island fruit leather: $3.98
Ricotta, 15-oz: $1.74
Frozen Brussels sprouts: $1.27
2 cucumbers: $.48 each
2 boxes K-Cups: $3.92 each
Eggs: $.94
Greek yogurt tub: $3.47
String cheese: $2.84
Cottage cheese: $1.64
Block of cheddar: $1.74
Cauliflower: $2.77
Frosted Flakes cereal: $1.43
Milk: $2.76
Carrots, 2-pound bag: $1.54
Gala apples, 3-pound bag: $2.37
Strawberries: $1.97
Cooking spray: $1.53
Parsley: $.98
Razors (Not shown): $1.88
Butternut squash, 3.14 pounds: $4.05 (Actually from Meijer because Wal Mart was out)

Total: $56.93 after a $2.00 reward from Meijer. I also received $3.00 cash back from Ibotta for using Wal Mart Grocery Pickup!
Weekly Total: $78.93


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.

Ravioli Alfredo (Frozen ravioli, Alfredo sauce, frozen broccoli, canned chicken), garlic bread
Broccoli Cheese Soup, with a Panera baguette I had in the freezer
Deli turkey wraps, frozen veggies, fruit
BBQ Meatballs, Knorr pasta side, canned green beans
Crack Chicken bowls with quinoa and roasted cauliflower
Date Night
Lentil burritos (Dried lentils, burrito shells, salsa, Pepperjack cheese, frozen Fajita veggies

Morning Glory Muffins, turkey sausage links

Chickpea Brownies

What’s on your menu this week? Share below in the comments!


Monday 11th of November 2019

Looks like you got some good deals this week. Our menu for the week:

S: Tatertot casserole M: Chicken Parm & Side Salad T: French Onion Salisbury Steak with Mash Taters and green Veg W: Chicken noodle soup & Vegetable soup with cornbread T: Fried Cabbage with bacon onions F: Shrimp Mozzeralla Pasta with grape salad S: 5 Ingredient Pork roast with homemade mac and cheese, cream spinach and Kentucky Derby Pie

Breakfast this week: chocolate chip and blueberry muffins, bananas with oatmeal, fried bologna and egg sandwiches (Hubb'y breakfast) ham, egg and cheese sandwiches

Our sweet treat for the week is an uniced lemon cake.


Monday 11th of November 2019

Yum! That all sounds like amazing cold weather foods. =) I may have to make some chocolate chip muffins next week.

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