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7 Things Moms Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Buying

Mom guilt is rampant in many ways, but you don't need to feel that way! Here are 7 things moms shouldn't feel guilty about buying.

Mom guilt. It’s a phrase we hear often, and even talk about ourselves. We feel like we’re bad moms for doing things like letting our kids watch TV while we make dinner, or counting down the minutes until bedtime every. Single. Night.

Sometimes that guilt goes a little deeper, into our spending habits. We sometimes feel guilty about spending money on these items and fear that we’ll be judged for what we choose to buy. I’m right there with you! I’ve felt guilty about almost all of the things below, but there’s no need for that. Here’s a list of things moms shouldn’t feel guilty about buying; tell me if you’ve felt this way before, too!

Non-organic food

There’s a lot of stuff going around saying that organic is best, that non-organic food is full of pesticides and poison. No matter what the media says, you have to make your own decision; and if you’re living a frugal lifestyle and can’t imagine paying over double the price of regular produce, don’t feel guilty about buying regular fruits and vegetables! In my opinion, food is food; and at least you’re making a conscious decision to feed your family healthy food.

Organic food

I have to include this here too, because some mom friends DO buy organic food and feel like it’s the best route for their family. I don’t want you to feel guilty, either! You’re doing the best you can with the money you have; and although things may be tight, you know you’re doing what’s right for YOU.

Mom guilt is rampant in many ways, but you don't need to feel that way! Here are 7 things moms shouldn't feel guilty about buying.


There’s such a big stigma around Starbucks. Their coffee may be way more expensive than what you could make at home, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging every once in awhile! Those Frappuccinos are hard to resist. If you really don’t like spending money, you can do what I do and use Swagbucks to redeem for Starbucks gift cards. It helps me with my weekly Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew!

Candy/junk food

Do you ever feel guilty buying junk food? I know I do. I’m a runner, so every time I buy boxes of cookies or bags of M&Ms I think, “Should I really be buying this and putting this in my body?” But the truth is, we simply can’t expect ourselves to completely cut out treats. It’s all about balance, and if I want to eat a Twinkie on a day I have a long run, you can bet I’ll enjoy one!

Pre-chopped vegetables

How many of you know that dinner can take a bit of time to prepare? And sometimes it’s hard to prep ahead of time, especially if you have young kids. You have to prioritize your time versus your money; and if you feel like buying pre-chopped vegetables will allow you more time to spend with family, you’re doing the right thing for your family! I know that things like butternut squash and carrots can take up to 15-20 minutes each to peel, chop, and slice; and sometimes you just don’t want to deal with all that.

Something new

I’m a big fan of thrift stores and great deals. If I need something like new jeans, I’ll sometimes head to Goodwill to find a good pair. One time I got lucky and found 2 almost-new pairs of Levis for $4.00 each! But sometimes it’s fun to buy yourself something new. New pajamas, a nice top, maybe some fuzzy socks… it can be hard for me to buy something for just myself, but we need to feel special, too!

Lunch at a restaurant

Does anyone else feel guilty about going out to lunch by themselves or with a friend? As a stay-at-home mom, I’ll admit I feel bad wanting to treat myself to lunch. I don’t want to spend my husband’s hard-earned money on myself. But one thing I have to remember is that it’s OUR money, not just his. This is why we give ourselves an “allowance” every month of cash that we can spend freely without guilt. Now, if I want to go to Chipotle for lunch, I can totally do that and not even worry about the money.

The things above are just a small list. I know there are other things you may feel guilty about, and it’s the same with me. Just remember that your worth as a mom is not dependent on what you buy, or how you spend your money, or how you enjoy your time. You’re doing the best you can, just like the rest of us, and there’s no need to feel guilt for any of this! Do you have anything you can add to the list? Share below in the comments!

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