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My Cross-Stitch Addiction

My cross stitch addiction:

Does anybody else wish there was just more time in the day to do more fun stuff? Why do I always have to pick the most time-consuming hobbies? I got into cross-stitch sometime in high school, and it’s been an on-and-off hobby ever since. I say on-and-off because I’ll overwhelm myself with a huge project and then stop for like a year before picking it back up again. But I’d like to show you everything I’ve worked on and what I’d like to do in the future!

I started out buying the kits from Hobby Lobby, with the pattern and all the colors that come with it. Those were fun for awhile until I discovered the internet had made amazing video game patterns. And being a nerd, that’s what I decided to focus on.

My cross stitch addiction:

I like these smaller sprite patterns; they’re simple and only take a few hours to do. Yes, I said a few hours. Something small like this can take up to 4 hours to stitch; that’s crazy, right? It’s a very slow hobby. From left to right, it’s Kefka from Final Fantasy 6, Marle and Ayla from Chrono Trigger, and a Black Mage from the original Final Fantasy.

My cross stitch addiction:

I stitched this really cute baby Princess Peach when I found out Allison was a girl; I totally meant to frame it and hang it in her room, but that kind of never happened.

My cross stitch addiction:

Here’s my pride and joy: Aeris from Final Fantasy 7. Um, yes, that’s all stitched. Here’s a closeup:

My cross stitch addiction:

I didn’t even keep track of how many hours I spent on this thing. This was back when I was working as a massage therapist, and I sometimes had a few hours to kill between appointments. I would sit and watch videos, usually The Angry Video Game Nerd, while I stitched; those were the good old days. I made a ton of mistakes, most notedly the fact that I didn’t stitch the pattern evenly on the fabric. You’re supposed to leave a few inches of space around the fabric so you can frame it, and I, a beginner cross stitcher, didn’t even think about it. So now my beautiful creation gets to stay unframed.

Here’s where I get some of my patterns:

  • Sprite Stitch: Totally love this site! It’s filled with video game and anime patterns, and you can request help for converting a picture into a cross-stitch pattern. These people are hardcore and I’m jealous of the free time they have.
  • Super Stitch: This is where I got the pattern for Aeris. I really think I want to do Cloud next, provided I actually go through with finishing it. I have so many unfinished patterns… I hope John’s not mad I keep spending money on things I don’t use. =)
  • Pinterest: Seriously, Pinterest! I just typed in “Video Game cross stitch” and got a ton of results. They’ll sometimes take you to Imgur galleries, or Deviantart, where you can find even more.

Like I said above, I kind of want to work on Cloud next, but it depends on time. I barely have time to work on this blog during the day! We’ll have to see. =) Do any of you cross-stitch? I’d love to see pictures!

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Friday 5th of February 2021

Wow! Your Aeris cross stitch is absolutely amazing! I just started learning cross stitching. What type of fabric did you use for that piece?


Friday 5th of February 2021

Thank you so much, Jody!! To be honest, I don't know exactly what kind of fabric; it was so long ago! But I do know I bought it at Hobby Lobby. =) It was one of the smaller counts, so the holes are closer together.


Tuesday 8th of December 2020

Hi, I'm writing this in 2020 so don't know if you'll see this but if you don't leave enough of an edge for framing you can always sew fabric around the end of the cross stitch and make this into a pillow or still frame it (almost like quilt borders). Ask a friend or look it up on YouTube if you don't know how to do this. After so much time and that beautiful work, you should enjoy it!


Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Thank you so much for this! I still have the cross stitch, so I'll have to try to work on this. =)

Stacie M

Monday 18th of April 2016

Okay, not gonna lie, that Aeris cross stitch is KINDA MIND BLOWING. I've tried cross stitch before and I guess I don't have the patience for it? I missed a stictch and had to go back and undo a bunch and ugh, I was so over it. So now I crochet instead. ;) It is nice to have a hobby like that though so you can kinda relax and wind down (and also make gifts!). Last year I made a whole bunch of stuff (including a tiny facehugger from Alien for my husband's stocking, HAHA).

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