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13 Signs You Might Be a Bad Mom

Do you let your child eat candy all day, watch too much TV or dress themselves? Here are other signs you might be a bad mom!

Are you a bad mom?

Me too.

Let’s face it, society judges us for everything we do. Every decision we make, on either end of the spectrum, will leave someone shaking her head and wonder what’s wrong with us. Since we can’t (and shouldn’t) please everyone, let’s keep doing our thing because our kids are still alive and healthy. Here are some signs you might be a bad mom- jokingly, of course. I won’t say how many apply to me, but it’s pretty much all of them. Can you relate to any of these?

1.) You look back on the day and realize your child’s eaten nothing but sugar all day. Cereal, cookies, a piece of candy… did one vegetable even touch her lips?

2.) You let your child walk out of the house with a backwards tank top, a lacy headband that does nothing to keep her hair back, and carrying a magic wand. Because she’s a fairy princess.

3.) You decide to stop having children after one. That child will never have any playmates or be social in any way.

4.) After having your fourth child, you decide to try for number 5. Don’t you know how expensive that is?

5.) Your child watches 2 hours of TV. And then plays games on her tablet for an hour while you cook dinner. Her brain’s going to rot, you know!

6.) You walk right past the $5.00 organic broccoli to buy the non-organic that’s on sale for $1.00.

7.) You buy cookies or cupcakes from the store for your child’s school event rather than baking them yourself.

8.) You try to skip as many sentences as possible in the 10-minute long book your child insisted you read at bedtime. Sometimes it takes longer to decide what to skip than it does to actually read the book.

9.) My Little Pony is your current babysitter as you try to close your eyes for just a few minutes.

10.) You know you should start putting your child to bed later… but then you’ll lose all your free time.

11.) Your child wakes up bright and early at 6:15, but you pretend she’s still asleep and wait until 7:00 to get her up.

12.) You let your child drink your coffee with you. A little caffeine never hurt anyone.

13.) When your child gets stuck in an awkward situation, your first instinct is to get out your phone and take a picture rather than, you know, help.

Do you have any to add to the list? Share your bad mom moments below!

Do you let your child eat candy all day, watch too much TV or dress themselves? Here are other signs you might be a bad mom!




Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Lol this was funny! Especially the brocolli part that is so me.


Wednesday 15th of May 2019

I hear you, girl! Frugality for the win!


Saturday 1st of December 2018

Had to check out when you said a bad mom is one who let's their child have choice of clothing. Kids need to have some form of choice and clothing is the easiest thing to let them choose. As long as it's weather and event appropriate, you're not a bad mom for letting them wear a backward shirt, or a headband that doesn't keep their hair back. You need to put some chill on that.


Sunday 2nd of December 2018

Thankfully, this post is satire. =) At most, I roll my eyes a little when she wants to wear her superhero cape and mask to the store (Which totally happens, by the way). Hey, let the 5 year-old live a little, right?

Vontreva Gammel

Friday 6th of October 2017

Just a thought about Allison not liking food textures. My grandson did the same thing! He also hated clothing texture, he would not wear any clothing that was scratchy or itchy, everything has to be soft. Turns out there is help for that, the dermatologist gave his parents a very soft baby brush and told them every night after his bath to brush his back, arms, and shoulders to desensitized his skin! He finally changed his eating habits! Thank the Lord.


Saturday 7th of October 2017

That's very interesting! I think it might be a texture thing with Allison, so I'm gonna have to experiment and see what works. =)

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