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How to Shop a Kroger Mega Sale

Have you ever shopped a Kroger Mega Sale? Use these tips to take advantage of the best deals!

I don’t know about you all, but for awhile I never liked shopping at Kroger. To me, everything there was just SO expensive! Why buy a bottle of Kraft salad dressing for $3.00 when I could easily get it for $1.50 on sale at Meijer?  After awhile, I started paying attention to their sales, specifically the Mega Sales that happen every few weeks. I did research online and found deal scenarios, and I was instantly hooked. While the normal prices at Kroger are not usually worth purchasing, most items in Kroger’s Mega Sale are cheaper than you can find anywhere else, including Aldi! Let me show you how to shop a Kroger Mega Sale, and how to take advantage of the deals you find.

1. Determine which type of sale it is. Kroger has 2 variations of its mega sale, although it seems like more. You’ll see “Buy 5, Save $5”, “Buy 6, Save $3”, “Buy 10, save $5″… What you’ll need to pay attention to is the bottom dollar amount: How much money am I saving per item? It’ll either be $.50 off each item or $1.00 each item, and that sometimes determines what types of items are on sale. If the items are $1.00 off, it’s usually the more expensive items like frozen pizza, snacks, certain household items, and others. However, a lot of these items turn out to be great deals! My most recent trip to Kroger was with the $1.00 off items, and the Clorox toilet bowl cleaner was $.99, which I was able to get for $.49 with coupons! In my experience, the best way to get the great deals during this sale is to use coupons, where you can get a lot of items for less than a dollar each.

The sales where you get $.50 off each item are the ones I look forward to! A lot of the more inexpensive items are on this list, and it’s easy to get great prices even without coupons. Pasta is almost always on this sale for around $.49, which is a HUGE stock up price, and if you have coupons, they could even be FREE! I’ve also seen diced tomatoes for $.39, and canned vegetables for around the same price. If you’re running low on the basic stockpile items, this sale would be the best for stocking up.

2. Print out coupons you think you’ll use. Do this anyway, even before the sale starts! Whenever new coupons come out that I think I’ll use, I’ll go ahead and print as many as I can. You can print 2 of the same coupon per computer, so if you have multiple desktops and laptops, there’s potential for great savings! You can check my coupons page here.

3. Make a list and determine the best deals. I absolutely love Kroger Krazy for this! This site specializes in nothing but Kroger deals; these ladies spend hours roaming the store and gathering prices, then matching them up with coupons to get us the best deals. I signed up for their text alerts so that when a new coupon comes out, they’ll let me know and I can go print them before they run out!

Making a list is super important because you need the EXACT amount of items in order to get the discount. It requires very careful planning and organization, but things do go wrong sometimes, especially once you get to the store. That brings me to my next point…

4. Use “filler items” for items on your list that are out of stock. Kroger Krazy has described filler items as those really cheap items you can buy when the ones you planned to buy are out of stock. This has happened to me a lot of times during these Mega Sales; during my most recent trip, actually! I wanted to buy the toilet bowl cleaner and also some Shout! stain remover, but when I got to that aisle, I found that they were all completely sold out. Taking out those items, I realized I still needed one more item to reach the 5 needed to get that discount. I ended up buying a tub of cream cheese, so I still got the discount for everything. If this happens to you, don’t panic! It is okay to grab one or two items that are like $.99 each to bring you to the number needed.

5. Call ahead if you plan on buying in bulk- be nice! Nobody likes that one couponer who clears the entire shelf and doesn’t leave anything for anyone else! It’s just bad manners, and there are better ways to do this. The grocery manager would be more than happy to place an order for their next truck, to make sure that you get what you need and still have enough for everyone else. All you have to do is call and ask! Last year, my church was collecting items to make Thanksgiving baskets, and Kroger just happened to have a Mega Sale that included canned vegetables, cranberry sauce, and the boxes of stuffing that I needed! I was planning to buy something ridiculous like 60 cans of vegetables, 30 cans of cranberry sauce, and 15 boxes of stuffing, and I knew something like that would wipe out the store, so I called ahead. A few days later, I just went up to the customer service desk and they brought out the cart full of stuff for me! It’s super easy to do, so please do this so you don’t make everyone mad.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for a rain check! I’ve gone back to the store multiple times to try and get an item that was out of stock, and every time it’s been sold out. I finally went to the customer service desk to ask when the truck would come in, and she told me if that item still wasn’t in stock when I came back, I could get a rain check. This will ensure I can still get the sale price!

Have you ever shopped a Kroger Mega Sale? Use these tips to take advantage of the best deals!

I have gotten SO many great deals by shopping Kroger’s Mega Sales. One of my best runs was something like 8 free boxes of pasta, 2 free bags of croutons, and 10 baby food pouches for like $.59 each, all of that with coupons. Being able to take full advantage of these Mega Sales has helped my family save so much money by being able to stock up on the basics. Hopefully this has encouraged you to try out the Mega Sales as well!

What’s the best deal you’ve gotten at Kroger? Share in the comments below!



Thursday 2nd of July 2015

I love their mega sales too! I have gotten quite a bit of things for next to nothing at these sales. Love it once I figured out how to do it and combine coupon great savings! Albertsons has some good sales every once in a while too. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Aishwarya S

Thursday 2nd of July 2015

Good tips. Thanks for sharing. :)

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