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My Honest Review of Wildscape Foods

This post is sponsored by Moms Meet and Wildscape Food. I was given free product in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own.

So, we’re pretty busy.

Not just my family, but yours as well I’m sure. It’s Summer, the kids are out of school, and you’re always out hustling and bustling and sometimes don’t get home until right around dinnertime.

We do that a lot too, with our trips to Kings Island. And we’ve gone on a lot of long road trips this Summer, getting home around 4:00 or 5:00 and needing dinner.

For these occasions, we like to keep “emergency meals” in our freezer- anything you can pull out and cook quickly because you’re either tired or short on time. For us, it’s usually frozen pizza or homemade burritos.

But when Moms Meet invited me to try Wildscape Food frozen meals, I was excited to jump on board and eat something new. Frozen dinners? Full of healthy ingredients? Yes, please!

The cool thing about Wildscape Food is that they contain real food ingredients. Looking through the ingredients list, I didn’t see any kind of artificial preservatives whatsoever (Some of them do contain sugar, so they’re not sugar-free). The meals with meat are made with natural beef and antibiotic-free chicken; and they’re all dairy free, with a couple being gluten free as well. The calories range from 380-450 calories.

Here are the 6 varieties:

(Note: When I bought these, a Bourbon Braised Pork was available instead of the Togarashi Beef, but this seems to have been discontinued.)

I first tried the Seared Steak, after a long 8-hour road trip, and I didn’t want to prepare an entire recipe. To cook it, I took off the wrapping, placed the container on top of the lid, and microwaved it for a total of 5 minutes (Stirring inbetween).

Look at those sweet potatoes! As a big sweet potato fan, I highly approved. I’d never tried sorghum before, but it was a really good grain with lots of flavor. It would have been a great meal by itself, but I paired it with some carrots and hummus.

John tried the Cilantro Lime Chicken and man, it smelled amazing. I had a feeling he’d eat that one, because he prefers Mexican-style food.  It had a strong cilantro smell, but he enjoyed it.

We’re still working on trying the others, but so far I’m super impressed. The packaging is unlike any other boxed frozen meal I’ve seen, the ingredients are unprocessed and very impressive, and they taste amazing too.

The one issue I have is the price. These meals retail at $5.99 each. If you’re looking to feed your whole family on a budget, these may not work. However, if you just want to keep one or two around for your own quick lunch, I highly recommend these! The price is high, but the quality is excellent.

You’ll need to use the store finder to see what stores in your area carry these. I had to drive to another Meijer 15 minutes away because the one right by me didn’t have all 6 varieties.

Overall, Wildscape Food meals can be a nice addition to your occasional emergency lunch or dinner. They’re fairly high protein (Even the vegetarian ones), the ingredients are fresh and clean, and they’ll keep you full and satisfied. Thank you, Moms Meet, for allowing me to try these!

I’d love to know- which one of these looks the best? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Friday 3rd of June 2022

can you still get wildscape


Saturday 4th of June 2022

Hi Caroline! I just did a quick search and saw that they are no longer making these meals.

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