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Meal Planning 911- Feeding Your Family When Money is Tight

Have you ever dreamed about being a master of a small grocery budget, or wondered why some people just seem to be so good at meal planning while others can barely stick to a budget?

It just seems so easy for everyone else. And you’re low on funds- whether it’s through unemployment, low income, or just living on a tight budget to save for something big. You need a way to make meal planning work for you.

Believe me, I’ve been there too.

You see, when John and I were first married, our budget was $50 a week. We raised it to $60 when Allison was born in 2013, and immediately took $23 per week out of that for her formula. It was an unexpected expense, and we agreed to make formula part of the grocery budget. That left us with $37 a week for groceries, and we stuck to that for a whole year until Allison transitioned out of formula.

We continued with a $60 per week budget until John lost his job in 2016. I remembered what it was like eating in Emergency Mode three years previously, and I decided to temporarily lower our budget to $30 a week for the 3 of us. We continued that for 4 months until John found another job. After that, we agreed to raise our budget from $60 per week to $75 per week to accommodate healthier, better-quality foods.

Then in 2018, John lost his job again. And once again we were faced with cutting our grocery budget in half; so for 4 more months, we ate for $30 a week. It was hard. We definitely struggled. But we made it through and learned a ton along the way.

And that’s how Meal Planning 911 was born!

In Meal Planning 911, I share a detailed plan on how to meal plan when you’ve lost your income.  You’ll learn not only how to shop on a shoestring budget, but how to make use of what you have and how to set yourself up for success after you’ve regained your income.

It is possible to feed your family well when income is low; and in Meal Planning 911, I’ll show you how.

What’s Included In Meal Planning 911

You’ll go through 11 different lessons, each one designed to set the foundation you need for Emergency Mode. These lessons include:

  • How to find your Emergency Mode budget
  • How to create meal ideas based on what’s in your pantry
  • How to use my 5-step meal planning process to make a precise grocery list
  • Where to shop and how to eat healthy on a shoestring budget
  • How to make your own foods and how to stretch your budget
  • What to do when you regain your income

In addition to the 11 lessons, you also receive these bonus items:

  • 6 meal planning sheets, including a blank grocery list, Pantry Inventory sheet, and a monthly meal plan calendar
  • A 48-page workbook PDF that has transcriptions for each video lesson, as well as worksheets to fill out as you go along to help you through the course
  • My “Emergency Meals” e-book, which includes 36 of the exact recipes and meals we made while in our seasons of Emergency Mode
  • A list of 47 tips and tricks to save big on groceries, all of which I still use today
  • A sample week of one of our $30.00 grocery trips to give you an idea of what a typical week looked like
  • An exclusive invite to my Meal Planning 911 Facebook group, where you can join other students from the course and get ideas and inspiration on living on a tight budget. You’ll also have my full attention and opportunities to pick my brain for new ideas!

If you’re finally ready to master meal planning on a super low budget, sign up now to secure your spot!



Sunday 5th of May 2019

This looks like a great course! With my family of 7, it feels like we spend a fortune on groceries. I am always looking for new money saving ideas!


Monday 6th of May 2019

Great job for succeeding at feeding 7 people! =) Sometimes I even have trouble meal planning for my family of 3, haha.


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

We have suffered many lay offs over the 20+ years of our marriage. When times are great I make sure that we have a well stocked pantry. It has allowed us to eat for months out of the freezer and pantry when my husband faces a lay off. Sometimes the lay off is only a couple weeks however once it was almost a year. He does "side" jobs to help out but I am a stock pile shopper which came in handy that year. We had very little money for groceries so it was only spent on things like milk and eggs. We ate simple easy cheap meals based on the supply in out pantry. We were fortunate we were never hungry. We "went out" once a week to my mom's for dinner and she always made extra and sent us home with all the left overs that I repurposed or served later that week.


Friday 3rd of May 2019

This is amazing, Rebecca! You are so well prepared and it really shows. =) Thank you for being an example to those who may be in the same situation!


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Wow! This sounds like it could be so helpful to so many families out there! Thank you for sharing!


Friday 3rd of May 2019

Thank you! My hope is that many people will benefit from this!

Stine Mari

Thursday 2nd of May 2019

I love that you shine light on this way of life. It's not always easy to talk about, but this course looks like it can be in handy - not only if money is tight but to generally not over spend!


Friday 3rd of May 2019

Thank you! I certainly hope it will help a lot of people. =)


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

Love these ideas! I always like to meal plan as if money is tight, it's just great money management!


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

I agree! It keeps you on your toes in case emergencies happen.

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