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My Wal Mart Grocery Pickup Review + $83.91 Grocery Haul

Image of groceries with the title "$85 Weekly Shopping for a family of 3"

I have an announcement: I officially love Wal Mart Grocery Pickup!

Now, for the longest time I resisted online ordering. Everyone loves it so much because they save money and time, and they’re not tempted to impulse buy. But I always thought there was an upcharge on all the prices.

“Besides,” I told myself. “I don’t impulse buy. I always stay under budget.”

HAH. While I may stay under budget, I realized I was sorely wrong about myself. I buy so much stuff I don’t need, sometimes I don’t have enough left for the fresh produce I wanted.

Image of Wal Mart groceries in the back of a car

So when my friend Kristen from Joyfully Thriving mentioned how Wal Mart was cheaper than Aldi in many ways, and gave me a promo code for online ordering, I thought I’d give it a try. And holy cow, I may never go back. Here are my findings:

Screenshot of groceries purchased from Wal Mart Grocery Pickup

Pros of Wal Mart Grocery Pickup

  • Pickup is free as long as you spend $30.00. And there is no upcharge tacked onto items!
  • Wal Mart’s prices are actually a little cheaper than Aldi on a few things, sometimes even the same price.
  • Ordering is super easy- just add items to your cart through the week as you think of them.
  • Once you check in on the day you pick up your groceries, the employees are quick in coming out and have your groceries already bagged (At least at my store).
  • If they’re out of an item you ordered, they’ll offer a substitution. And if that item is more expensive than what you originally ordered, you get it at the lowered price!

Cons of Wal Mart Grocery Pickup

  • You don’t get to look at the produce before you buy it. But my person did an excellent job finding the biggest and freshest produce.
  • Some items are more expensive than what I buy at Aldi- namely produce, which can be 20-30 cents more.
  • You miss out on any clearance deals- but if you’re trying to avoid impulse buying, this could be a good thing.
  • Wal Mart tends not to run weekly sales, so if you shop here exclusively you’ll miss out on other great deals.
  • Their meat is on the expensive side. I may need to buy meat elsewhere when it’s on sale.

Now, I’m not being paid to talk about Wal Mart Grocery Pickup. But overall, I highly recommend it as an easy alternative when you’re low on time. Seriously, the process took less than 10 minutes from the time I checked in on the app.

If you’re interested, you can sign up here and get a promo code for $10.00 off your first $50.00 purchase! (Disclaimer: I’ll also receive a $10.00 off coupon if you sign up) Here’s my huge grocery haul for the week:

Image of groceries purchased at Mr. Mac's Grocery Outlet

Mr. Mac’s Grocery Outlet

Nature Valley granola bars, 15-pack: $4.25
2 packages Wellshire deli turkey: $1.00 each
Garrett Valley pork sausages: $1.00
2 packages Garrett Valley turkey snack sticks: $1.00 each
Pretzilla pretzel buns: $1.25
Duncan Hines mug treats: $1.25. Using this on Allison’s birthday as a small treat!
Sour Patch Kids Gogurt, 32-pack: $3.00. Stuck this in the freezer!

Total: $14.75

Image of items purchased at Wal Mart
Image of items purchased at Wal Mart

Wal Mart (Grocery Pickup)

2 boxes Banquet Brown and Serve sausage links: $1.08 each. I ordered the plain but got the Maple as a substitution.
Brownberry whole wheat hamburger buns: $.87. I ordered the Great Value brand but got these as a substitution for the same price!
Grapes, 2.47 pounds: $2.76
Zucchini: $.78
Broccoli: $2.17
Great Value thin wheat crackers: $.98
3 containers strawberries: $1.98 each
Classic chocolate chip cookies: $2.50
Great Value French Vanilla K-Cups, 12-count: $3.92
Sour cream: $1.00
Dijon mustard: $.88
Sweet mini peppers: $2.98
Great Value vanilla Greek yogurt, 4-pack: $2.47
Great Value Orange Cream Greek Yogurt: $.64
Spinach: $1.98
Gala apples, 3-pound bag: $1.98
Lance peanut butter sandwich crackers: $2.50
String cheese: $2.84
Great Value whole wheat bread: $1.48
Sliced mozzarella: $1.84
Sliced Colby/Monterey Jack: $1.84
Hot salsa: $1.33
Red bell pepper: $1.28
Dried black beans, 32-ounce bag: $2.46
2 cans jumbo biscuits: $1.06 each
Frigo Feta cheese crumbles: $2.54
Diced tomatoes: $.46
Monterey Jack cheese block: $1.74
4-pack cans of tuna: $2.22
2 gallons milk: $2.76 each
2 dozen eggs: $.88 each
Cottage cheese: $1.64
Great Value Honey Nut O’s: $1.23
Crazy Richard’s peanut butter: $2.66
Nature’s Bakery blueberry fig bars, 10-count: $4.46

Total: $69.16 after a $10.00 promo code! Click here to sign up for Wal Mart Grocery Pickup and we’ll both receive a code for $10.00 off your first $50.00 purchase!
Weekly Total: $83.91


Lunch is always leftovers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased in previous weeks.

Small group- Making the kids’ dinner: Pancakes, biscuits, sausage links, strawberries, cookies
BBQ chicken sandwiches* (Chicken in freezer), roasted broccoli
Stovetop Tuna Casserole
Pork chops* in the slow cooker, quinoa*, frozen veggies*
Greek Frittata
Fajita Bowl (Black beans, rice*, bell pepper, onion*, corn*, salsa, sour cream)

Bagels* (In freezer) with cream cheese*, hard boiled eggs
Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal

What’s on your menu this week? Share in the comments below!


Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

I do like the Walmart pickup but what I found the more weeks I did it that I was getting more and more substituted items that I wasn’t happy with and the produce wasn’t that great. I now just use it for especially busy times.


Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

That's good to know! I'll have to keep an eye out. =) I don't think I'm picky with substitutions, but we'll have to see, lol.


Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

I do grocery pick up sometimes but I am considering going to only grocery pick up. It was saving me so much time especially since I can drop by on my way home from work. It made my Saturday's free! I miss that! I do it at Kroger and Walmart.

On the menu this week: S- Amish country casserole with green beans M - Chicken & Rice with broccoli T - Easy Pizza Casserole W- White Chicken Enchiladas T - Taco Soup F- Philly Cheesesteak Sanwiches with roasted potatoes S- Shrimp Fajitas


Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

Yes, I'm totally hooked on this grocery pickup! I'm already adding things to my list on the Wal Mart app for this weekend. =)

Those enchiladas sound amazing! I think I need to make some soon.

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