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An Accurate Timeline of the First Day of School

An Accurate Timeline of the First Day of School

You may have seen my post on Facebook, but my darling Allison, who is about to turn 4, just started preschool last week. I’m simultaneously relieved and saddened, because she somehow shot up overnight and turned into an actual kid instead of a wobbling toddler.

Her first day was amazing, and she couldn’t stop talking about how she got to play outside. She’s going to do so well in school, and I’m super proud of her. Today I just wanted to lighten things up and give you a peek into my head and my exact thoughts from the moment Allison woke up until the moment she walked into school.

“Hurray, it’s the first day of school!”

“Let’s go to Meijer this morning to do some grocery shopping!”

“Good lord, this child is driving me insane. Is it time for school yet?”

“Hey, let’s watch movies before lunch so we can relax (and Mommy needs a break)!”

“Sure, of course you can watch TV while we eat lunch!”

*Instantly regrets the TV lunch 45 minutes later when she’s still not done eating*

“No, I can’t read you a novel on the potty. We’re going to be late!”

“Okay, we made it to school in one piece. Hurry up, 12:30.”

“YES, the doors are open! I’m about to be free!”

“Wait, why didn’t you look back at me when you walked into school?”

“Crap, I didn’t hug her, kiss or, or tell her I loved her. I’m the worst mom ever.”

“Oh well, time to buy an iced mocha all for myself.”

And that, my friend, is an accurate representation of the first day of school. And I can’t guarantee it won’t be the same on most school days, but that’s motherhood for you! I hope some of you can relate; please tell me I’m not alone in this!

Kristin Robinson

Friday 15th of September 2017

The fact that Allison, the little toddler who refused to leave your arms outside of your house and refused to allow you to leave the house without her without screaming, was able to walk into preschool with out looking back, without crying, without clinging to you for dear life is absolutely amazing! It means you are doing a great job and she is well attached to you to know that mom will still love me when she is gone and I will see her again soon. You will have lots of hugs and kisses at school goodbyes- the first day is just so exciting you can't remember to do it all. You are a great mom! The ups and downs will always be there. Enjoy your iced mocha!!


Friday 15th of September 2017

Thank you! It's getting easier, but I'll admit I still feel my heart drop when I see her walking up the sidewalk by herself into school. =)

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