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Frugal Mommy and Me Date Ideas

Taking your children on a date doesn't have to be expensive! Here are some simple and frugal Mommy and Me date ideas to try this week.

Do you find it hard to spend quality time with your children? Maybe it’s due to the lack of time, or maybe you just can’t think of anything special to do together. It’s especially hard if you have multiple children and want to make sure you get some special individual time with them!

Having a Mommy and Me date doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; here are 12 frugal date ideas to get you started. A couple of these are more daughter-oriented, but you can do many of these with your son, too!

12 Frugal Mommy and Me Date Ideas

Have a picnic at the park- We live within walking distance of a playground, so it’s super easy to just plop Allison in the wagon and take off. Burn off energy and have a special lunch together!

See a movie together- Going to the movie theater doesn’t have to be expensive if you plan things right. Some theaters are less expensive in the morning; others offer dollar movies. In the summertime, check to see if your theaters offer free morning kids movies! Mine did, and although we weren’t able to make it out last year, I’m trying again this year if it’s still available.

Have donuts at a local donut shop- Anyone else just love donuts? We have quite a few local donut shops around here and I’m just now getting around to trying them. A couple of dollars will get you two yummy (and sometimes huge) donuts to enjoy!

Visit a metro park/garden- I was amazed at how many metro parks there were in my area, and some are goldmines for exploring! Head out with your little one, especially in the spring and summer, and check out the beautiful flowers.

Eat ice cream sundaes- Places like Dairy Queen and Coldstone Creamery constantly have coupons available, so sign up for their email list (or buy a Sunday paper) to increase your chances of getting special offers.

Go for a walk/run- In light of running my first 5k of the year, Allison’s expressed interest in running too! If running’s not your thing, just take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, making sure to stop and check out bugs/sticks/rocks/squirrels.

Go to Starbucks/Panera Bread- Are any of your kids obsessed with coffee? Allison always asks me for some, whether it’s a sniff of my hot coffee, or constant sips of my iced coffee. She also has a new love of hot chocolate. Visit a Starbucks, Panera, or even a local coffee shop, sit down with a coffee, hot chocolate, and pastries, and just get comfortable. These are some of Allison’s favorite dates!

Visit historical sites- Kind of like the metro parks above, do some research to find new local areas to explore. We have a historical farm within 5 minutes of our house with farm animals, old houses, and even a penny candy store (Allison’s favorite).

Go to a book store- The library would also work, but there’s something about visiting a book store that just makes things more special. Look around with your little one and even sit and read books together.

Have a tea party- You could do this with toy food, or even real food, getting creative with actual mini muffins/cakes/cookies. Spread a blanket on the floor, lay out the food, and have dainty conversation.

Bake cookies together- Allison loves baking (when she has the attention span for it)! Cookies are fun and easy to make together, and even better if you get to use cookie cutters!

Volunteer- If you have a child that loves to help, volunteering is amazing for cultivating that giving heart. Go to a local shelter, or church, and help out with simple things depending on your child’s age. Allison and I recently filled Easter eggs with candy for church, and it was really cool seeing her understand how she’s helping others.

Are there any more you would add to the list? These are some of my favorites, but I know there are more out there. Share with us in the comments below and give us more ideas!

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