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4 Ways Youtube Saves You Money

Can you actually save money by watching videos? Here are 4 ways Youtube saves money and can help you live, eat, and learn more frugally!

Think Youtube is only for music and cat videos? Think again! Youtube has come a long way since it started back in 2005. It has the standard music videos, movie trailers, and funny home videos, but it’s so much more nowadays. Things like tutorials, recipes, and even video blogs (AKA “vlogs”) are now the norm on this site. My family’s actually used Youtube to help us save money on many levels! Here are 4 ways Youtube saves you money in life and how to take advantage of this free resource.

Fixing things yourself

How many times has one of your kitchen appliances broken and you really don’t want to hire someone to come out and fix it? If you (or your husband) are kind of handy, search Youtube for videos on how to fix it. No, really, they exist! I’m more of a visual learner; reading instructions does nothing for me, but seeing someone do it first gives me what I need.

One day, our dishwasher started leaking and I freaked out, hoping and praying we wouldn’t have to outright replace it. John figured out what the problem was, looked on Youtube, and found a tutorial on how to fix it. It was much cheaper than getting someone to come out, and definitely better than buying a new dishwasher.

If you do decide to go this route, please watch through the entire video first! I’ve heard horror stories of people who have watched only half of a video explaining how to fix a car, taken their entire car apart, and then continue watching only to find out the people in the video messed up halfway through. I’m sure it’s not pretty, so please take the time to watch the whole video!

Doing free workouts

I talked about this a little in my free workouts post, but Youtube is an amazing resource for workout videos! You have plenty of options that suit your current needs. From simple yoga to HIIT workouts and even weight-lifting, you won’t even need a gym membership to find what you need! Here are my favorite channels:

  • Fitness Blender– By far my favorite one. This channel has hundreds of videos, from 10-minute abs to a one-hour, 1,000-calorie burning workout. Don’t be intimidated, though; there are plenty of easier videos with modifiers, so you can find what you need and not hurt yourself.
  • Blogilates– I’ve only done a couple videos on this channel, but the ones I’ve done I really liked! A lot of her videos are only 15 minutes or less, so if you want to squeeze something in during naptime, this is a good channel to check.

Learning something new

How often do you wish you could learn how to do something, but don’t have the money to take classes? Believe it or not, you can use Youtube to help you learn new things! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, you’ll find hundreds of videos with tutorials, techniques, and tips and tricks to help you get better.

One of my favorite things to search for is cooking tips. Mainly, “How in the world do I cut a pineapple?” Thanks to Youtube, I’m now an expert fruit cutter! You can also find recipe videos if you’re more of a visual person and like to see how things are done. Hopefully most videos will have the actual recipe in the description, or at least a link to a blog post that has it.

Subscribing to frugal living channels

If you’re looking to just save money in general, find some good frugal living channels and subscribe to them to keep updated on their newest videos. Some talk about finances in general; others specialize in decorating on a budget; and others post their grocery hauls and tips. Here are two good channels to follow right now:

  • The Frugal Chef: The description of her channel is, “Eating well without going broke!”. She has a ton of amazing recipes and cooking tips, and posts all of her recipes in the video descriptions. Her channel is a must-follow if you like frugal recipes!
  • Rachel Cruze: Rachel Cruze is Dave Ramsey’s daughter and has her own channel about saving money. She talks about budgeting tips, saving money on groceries, and even topics like comparing yourself to others in your financial life. Rachel’s very animated and her videos are usually less than 10 minutes, so it’s easy to get in one or two videos every now and then.

Youtube is a great source of entertainment, but as you can see, it’s an amazing resource for living frugally. Get the app for your phone and you now have a vast mobile source of information that you can use anywhere! Prop it up in the kitchen while you cook the recipe you just watched, or have it next to you while figuring out that next stitch on your project. What are your favorite ways to save money with Youtube? Post your ideas in the comments!

Can you actually save money by watching videos? Here are 4 ways Youtube saves money and can help you live, eat, and learn more frugally!



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