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The Best Way to Freeze Zucchini Bread

Can you freeze zucchini bread? Absolutely! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to freeze this treat we make every Summer.

There’s nothing like a fresh sliced of homemade bread. It’s the ultimate comfort food.

Banana bread makes for a quick breakfast, and in the Summer I tend to use a lot of shredded zucchini for zucchini bread. LOTS of zucchini bread.

Zucchini bread on a cutting board with text "Can you freeze zucchini bread?"

Can you freeze zucchini bread? Absolutely, it’s a great way to save on food waste! You can freeze zucchini bread in a whole loaf or individual slices, and I go into more detail below.

Homemade zucchini bread recipe

The first step is making a delicious bread! This Pumpkin Zucchini Bread is the one I use most often. Sometimes I’ll use banana instead of pumpkin, depending on the season.

It’s a little lower in sugar but still incredibly delicious!

Sliced zucchini bread on a cutting board

How to store

There are two ways to store zucchini bread: On the countertop or in the refrigerator. For both methods, remove the loaf from the bread pan and wait until the bread’s cooled to room temperature to prevent excess moisture in the container.


Either slice or store whole in a gallon-size plastic bag, or a large airtight container. Use up the bread within a couple of days.


Slice or store whole in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag, or a large airtight container. The refrigerator makes the bread last longer, and should be used up within 5-7 days.

This one is the best option for me because we don’t usually eat the bread that quickly!

Can you freeze zucchini bread batter without baking?

I’m sure you could. But honestly, I think it’d be easier to just bake the bread first.

If you want to try, I recommend using an aluminum loaf pan and sealing the top with aluminum foil. Then let it defrost completely before baking.

How to freeze zucchini bread

If you know you won’t eat all the bread at once, or want to double the recipe, putting the rest in the freezer is a great idea!

You can either freeze an entire loaf of zucchini bread, or slice first before freezing. I explain both methods below.

A loaf of zucchini bread wrapped in plastic wrap

Freezing a whole loaf

Once the bread cools to room temperature, wrap it in plastic wrap and place in a gallon-size freezer bag. The wrapped loaf adds an extra layer of protection from freezer burn.

Freezing individual slices of zucchini bread

Slices of zucchini bread on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper

When the slices have cooled to room temperature, lay each slice on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, in a single layer. Place this in the freezer for 2-3 hours until they’re completely frozen. This is called flash freezing.

Once they’re completely frozen, you can wrap each slice in plastic wrap if you want. But I just put them in a labeled freezer-safe bag and squeeze out as much air as possible. Wrapped bread may help prevent freezer burn, though.

How long does this last in the freezer?

On average, frozen zucchini bread will stay fresh up to 3-6 months in the freezer. They’re still safe to eat after that, but they do risk getting freezer burn.

For best results, I recommend eating the bread within 3-4 months.

How to defrost

The best way to defrost zucchini bread is to set it in the fridge overnight. This allows for even and safe thawing. A whole loaf will obviously take longer to defrost than a single slice.

If I plan to eat a slice immediately, I’ll take one out of the freezer and put it on a microwave-safe plate. Then I’ll microwave on the Defrost setting for about 40 seconds. This will make the bread soft and still a little cool, but ready to eat.

As you can see, zucchini bread freezes really well. So the next time you have extra zucchini laying around during zucchini season, make a fresh loaf or two and freeze for later!

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