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Do you need to eat on a shoestring budget?

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Maybe it’s a job loss.

Maybe you’re living on a low income.

Or maybe you’re just saving up for a large purchase.

Either way, you need to eat!

Included in this digital e-book are 36 meals my family made during 2 job losses and one hard year of having a newborn:

Do I need to be unemployed to benefit from this e-book?

No! Even after being fully employed, our family still uses these recipes to keep our budget down. This book is for EVERYONE who wants to eat on a budget!

Are these recipes healthy?

I tried to make these recipes as nutritionally balanced as possible; IE, limited sugar and whole grains when possible. However, you can substitute ingredients or add extra fruits and vegetables as sides to make a well-rounded meal!

Are you ready to make tasty meals on a shoestring budget? Click below to purchase and download your e-book now!

Get your copy for only $10.00!