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Weight Loss Update 12-21

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Weight Loss Update 12-21

Well, I had a pretty good week! Or so I thought. I ate fairly well the past week but when I stepped on the scale on Friday I had gained .2 pounds!

Weight loss this week: 0
Weight loss since May 2015: 17.4 pounds

I’m pretty sure it was just due to hormones or other kinds of weight retention, because I ate almost on track all week! Well, except for that huge piece of cheesecake the night before I weighed myself. That probably had something to do with it. I’m not worried, though! I ate that cheesecake as part of a much needed moms’ night out, and I didn’t feel guilty; I added it to MyFitnessPal, knew I’d be over in calories, and shrugged and just ate healthier and walked more that day. There’s no need to deny myself fun things just for the sake of losing weight. In fact, I don’t think I ever felt like I denied myself much of anything these past 7 months. If I wanted something, I’d check the calories, ask myself if it was worth it, and if not, find something else I want instead that was in my desired range. Now of course, there were times I just went ahead and ate it anyway! I’m only human, after all. And that’s probably why I haven’t hit my goal weight yet, but right now for me, slow and steady does the trick. I’m not losing weight as fast as others, but it’s not a race! We’re all different.

I haven’t fully decided what to do once I’ve lost these last 2.6 pounds. I don’t think I’ll actively try to lose any more weight, but I’ll continue to work out and see if I can turn some of this fat into muscle instead, to tone up. I’ll probably still track my food because I’m horrible at portion sizes and need exact calculations or else I just go crazy. We’ll just see what happens! Who knows, I may try for a YMCA membership sometime next year, now that I’m making an income from this blog (YES!!!)

If you’re struggling during this holiday season like I am, don’t give up! You know Christmas is coming, so just expect that you’ll indulge a little (or a lot like me), enjoy the holiday, and maybe march in place while eating that cookie. 😉 You can do this!

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