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Weight Loss Update 11-16

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Weight Loss Update 11-16-15

I hope everyone had a great week! How did you all do? When I stepped on the scale Friday morning, I had lost zero weight. But I didn’t gain any, so that’s great!

Weight loss last week: 0
Weight loss since May 2015: 16.2 pounds

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve probably noticed that it seems like I’ll lose zero weight one week, then lose about 2 pounds the next week, so it all evens out. You may even notice the same pattern in yourself! It could be due to water retention, building some muscle, maybe even not going to the bathroom recently… the important thing is not to beat yourself up! Stumbling blocks happen; in fact, they happen to me about every day. But just keep your goal in mind!

This girl can certainly pack some food.

Sunday afternoon my parents took us to the Chinese buffet for lunch. This little girl can pack some food! She had a whole bowl of eggdrop soup (Which she drank with a straw), a ton of lo mein noodles, and a small dish of the crab rangoon filling. Oh, and ice cream, of course. I don’t think I had dinner that night.

The rest of this week was just kind of tough, food-wise. We have candy in the house, and I couldn’t stop myself. I think a couple days this week I just stopped tracking a lot of my food. And Tuesday was our MOPS meeting, and all the moms just make such amazing food! Brownies for breakfast? On MOPS day, they are!

I’ve also been growing bored with my workouts. I’ve been doing pretty much only PiYo since May and now I just don’t look forward to them. The DVD set I bought has a sample HIIT workout which I’ve been doing too, and I just added a bunch of HIIT workouts to my Youtube playlist, so I’ll be trying those this week to see how they work out!

I now have 6 weeks to lose 4 more pounds to reach my goal. I’m pretty sure I can do this! And I know you can too!

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