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Weight Loss Update 10/19

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Weight Loss Update 10/19:

All I can say is oops! My eating habits were not as good as they should have been. When I stepped on the scale, I had still lost zero weight. However, I didn’t gain any so that’s a plus!

Weight loss last week: 0 pounds
Weight loss since May 2015: 13 pounds

Allison and ice cream. They just go together so well.

Some of it was just eating way more than I should have. Wednesday night we had quite a few calories left so we said “Let’s go out for ice cream!” So we took Allison to Dairy Queen. We had a coupon for a free Blizzard when you buy a medium one. After looking at the nutrition info for all of them and crying, I decided to get the lowest calorie Blizzard, the Strawberry Cheesecake, and split it with Allison. The cup was filled to the top and then some with ice cream, and even after putting some in a mini-sized cup for Allison, mine was still all the way full. Oops. And I just can’t waste ice cream, so I ended up eating all of it.

Thursday I went to a friend’s house for a get-together to assemble some chemo care bags for those undergoing chemo for breast cancer. And there were about 10 different kinds of pie, and buffalo chicken dip. I may not have been good that night, either.

Saturday was a birthday party for my nephew and twin niece and nephew, and I binged a little on chips and cake/ice cream.

Luckily, I’ve still been doing all my workouts, so those extra burned calories have helped! I need to get back on track this week. Hopefully. Allison’s birthday party is this Saturday and I’m going to do my best to snack very lightly. I have a horrible time at parties, because any self-control just goes out the window. I usually try to just eat very small meals that day to make up for it and hope for the best.

Here’s hoping for a better week! Remember to be my friend on Fitbit and MyFitnessPal so we can encourage each other!

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