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Weight Loss Update 10-26

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Weight Loss Update 10-26:

I am feeling absolutely amazing this week! I had a few weak moments, but all in all I did pretty well! When I stepped on the scale Friday morning, I found out I lost 1.8 pounds!

Weight loss last week: 1.8 pounds
Weight loss since May 2015: 14.8 pounds

This totally makes up for not losing any weight in the past two weeks! My goal is to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year. At a pound a week, that means I *should* have 5 more weeks to go, and there are about 10 weeks left in the year, so that should be no problem! Assuming I don’t gorge myself on holiday treats in the next couple months.

I had a few “fail” moments in regards to working out this week. Monday’s workout was supposed to be PiYo Drench, and for those of you that don’t know, it’s probably the most intense PiYo workout in the DVD set. It’s 48 minutes of working yourself almost to the point of your legs giving out, but burns a ton of calories. I’d gotten pretty good at completing the workout, but I hadn’t done that one in awhile so getting back into it was tough. I made it about 25 minutes before I quit, it was just too tough in that moment. I don’t consider that a full failure though, because I tried! If you find yourself in the same position, don’t bring yourself down. You’re making an effort to make yourself better, and that’s all that matters! Each time you hit a bump, just pick yourself up and try again later.

Fitbit 10-25-15

Yesterday morning was supposed to be another Drench day too, so I had my alarm set for an earlier time and I was stoked to be able to do it! Then my alarm went off, and 30 seconds after I deemed myself awake enough to get up, I had cramps that said “NOPE” and forced me back into bed. Luckily we went to King’s Island yesterday, which meant I walked a ton and probably burned the same amount of calories that Drench would have. Sometimes I hate being a girl and everything that entails.

I hope you all have a great week! Try not to stuff yourself with candy; we don’t usually participate in Halloween although we may take Allison to a Trunk or Treat event at church, and will probably end up getting some candy there. Feel free to partake; just remember, everything in moderation!


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