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Don’t Feel Guilty About Overeating

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Don't feel guilty about overeating!

This probably seems like a strange and random post, but it’s been something that’s been on my mind the past couple weeks. For those that don’t know, I lost 25 pounds in the past year and am back to pre-baby weight, and I’ve been maintaining my weight since then using MyFitnessPal and continuing my workouts. I’m a little more lax in my eating habits, but I’ve been continuing to make healthier choices and adding more fruits and vegetables to our diet.

Are there any months out of the year that are just horrible for you, eating-wise? Besides Thanksgiving/Christmas, my month is May. Between John’s birthday, Mother’s Day, my birthday, my niece’s birthday… and it doesn’t help that restaurants send me all sorts of free stuff for my birthday, and I feel like I have to go and eat everything they send me because hey, it’s free! Unfortunately, this does nothing to help my healthy eating. I had been trying to watch my added sugar intake and balance everything out, but I think I’ve just stopped for the month of May and am enjoying it while I can.

One thing that happens, almost every time, is a feeling of guilt for eating what I did. Why yes, I did eat at least 6 crab rangoons at the Chinese buffet. 3 different kinds of dessert? It’s okay at Golden Corral! It’s amazing in the moment, but later that day I just feel guilty for everything I ate, and feel like I have to work out even harder to make up for it. Why is that? Am I punishing myself for eating? For enjoying a special occasion?

Listen, guys. Don’t ever feel guilty for enjoying yourself and eating a little too much. More importantly, don’t obsess over it, because that’s like borderline eating disorder. It’s good to fill your body with whole, nutritious foods, but indulging every so often (or even multiple times in one month) won’t kill you. You’re not going to ruin your progress, you’re not going to be a failure. And please, don’t work out as a way to “punish” yourself for overeating. Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment; it’s a great way to maintain your health, but even too much is harmful if you use it the wrong way.

Love yourself, love your body. Indulge in that cake! Enjoy it in the moment, then get back to your routine tomorrow. That’s all you can do!

Kaitlynn Marie

Friday 20th of May 2016

I love this, I often feel guilty for what I eat. But aside from the occasional treat, I rarely eat sweets. I don't drink soda, or pretty much anything but water. I know my meal choices could be healthier, but I don't know why I feel guilty trying the new Oreo Frappe at McDonalds (which is actually kind of gross anyway, and I won't get it again, haha)


Friday 20th of May 2016

Wait, McDonalds has an Oreo Frappe? :o My sister works there and hasn't said a word! I'm gonna harass her, haha.

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