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August Weight Loss Challenge Week 4: Fill Your Plate With Sides!

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august weight loss week 4

Hey everybody! How did you all do last week? I got on the scale this morning… and I lost 1.6 pounds! What??? I seriously don’t know how that happened with the week I had. Here are my stats so far. I also want to mention that I made a mistake last week in my calculations; I said I had lost .6 pounds, but I really lost .4.

Weight loss last week: 1.6 pounds
Weight loss since 8/7: 3.6 pounds

This whole week was just kind of rough! Sorry for the possible TMI, but when hormones start to kick in due to PMS, I just want to eat. And eat. And I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s fatty and possibly deep-fried. I have horrible self-control during these times, so Monday morning I got a snack of tortilla chips dipped into a mixture of mayo and dijon mustard. It sounds gross, but it’s SO good, and it’s just what I was craving. Of course, this kind of set me off track calorie wise, but I did a LOT of walking that day. I joined a community called LEAP4LIFE, where you join challenges/events and earn points to redeem for gift cards. I was able to walk an average of 12,500 steps both Monday and Tuesday!

Tuesday my family came over with cake and ice cream to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It was SO good, but not so much calorie-wise! Then Thursday we had friends over for dinner. I made a HUGE lasagna, with breadsticks, salad, and a healthy-ish cheesecake dessert. Who knew lasagna could have so many calories?? And to top it all off, I didn’t even work out this week. I’m usually pretty good at keeping myself in check, but when my hormones kick in, I’m pretty good at telling myself I should just lay around. I’m definitely kicking it back up next week!

So this week’s challenge is to fill your plate with more healthy side items! That might seem obvious, but it never really was for me. I love my meat and that would be the bulk of my plate! Or if we had a really delicious side, like cheesy potatoes, I’d probably get seconds… and thirds… So today I want to encourage you to get more side items for each meal. And it doesn’t have to be complicated! I always used to think that side items had to be an elaborate recipe that just perfectly went with a meal. It never even occurred to me that something as simple as fresh fruit could be a side! Now I buy both frozen and canned vegetables, as well as fresh fruit and fruit cups, to bulk up my meal so I don’t just fill up on meat/pasta.

When you’re planning out your menu for the next week, plan for two or three healthy sides for your meals. For example, one cup of frozen broccoli is 30 calories, a cup of grapes is 60 calories, and a half cup of green beans is 20 calories (Info taken from MyFitnessPal). 110 calories for all that food? Add in your healthy protein, and you won’t even want seconds because you’ve eaten so much! Try it for a week and see what happens!

I also want to talk about plate size! I think our plates are WAY TOO big, and we have a compulsion to fill them completely because hey, we have the space! Take a look at these two plates of food.

Portion size

This is the exact same amount of food, just on a different plate! Do you see how looking at the really big plate can make us think that we’re not eating enough food? I encourage you to start using smaller plates and watch your portion sizes, and if you don’t feel satisfied you can always go back for more. But I’ve always found that if there’s food on my plate, I’m going to eat all of it. That’s where the smaller plates are used to our advantage!

This is the last week of our challenge! Next Friday will be a short update with final stats, but I think I want to continue doing this, maybe every Monday! I’ve found that doing this has helped keep me more accountable of what I’m doing, especially since my fitness profiles are now public. And hopefully I’ve helped encourage you on your journey to better health as well!

How did you do last week? Share your progress with us!

(Disclaimer: Consult your healthcare professional before changing anything in your diet! I am not an expert; just a mom trying to live a healthier lifestyle!)


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