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August Weight Loss Challenge: Final Update

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Because of the way I started August’s challenge, the end of the 4th week actually ends today! I weighed myself this morning and I’m exactly the same as what I was last week. Oh well! Could be water weight, hormones, the fact that I started working out again this week and gained some muscle…

Weight loss last week: 0 pounds
Weight loss since 8/7: 3.6 pounds


For the most part, I did pretty well in what I ate! The only exception was Sunday, when we had a huge brunch in our Sunday School class, and then we were invited out for pizza for dinner. There was just so much stuff to try and calculate that I didn’t even bother with the rest of the day, haha.

How did you all do this whole month? I didn’t quite hit 4 pounds, but I was close! I’m so thankful for those that joined me; it was fun seeing your progress on MyFitnessPal and I had to remind myself to keep accountable for you all. I think I’m going to continue this every Monday to help me keep track, and also to encourage you all with your health journey! I like seeing that all the hard work I’m putting into this is slowly paying off. I can’t really SEE a difference yet, but my pants are fitting better, so it’s a start! Please continue to join me every Monday starting the 14th to see my progress and to post your own as well!

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