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Shopping trip for 4/27/14

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Just got home with our groceries for the week!  This month is a little weird.  We used part of our tax return to make a big run to Sam’s Club, where we bought enough food for a month’s worth of dinners.  That means we can use our regular grocery budget to stock up on little things we were running low on.  I’ll try to post each week what I bought, how much, what good prices are, etc.


Hawaiian rolls $1.99 (This is a great price!  You can find these at Meijer for $3 and they taste just the same.)
Packets of sweetener $1.69
Light pancake syrup $1.79
Black pepper $1.99
Salad dressing mix $2.07 ($.69 each.  These are great for using in recipes!  These packets are $1.50 at Meijer.  If you see these at Aldi, especially the ranch, buy a few to stock up.  I don’t see them in stock very often.)

Total: $9.53


Every so often, Meijer will have a promotion on certain items, where if you buy 8 you save $8.  This happened to be one of those weeks, so we stocked up!

12 packages of Crystal Light $9.50 (Part of the buy 8, save $8.  After the special, they were $.99 each.  I used a $.50 off 1 coupon, a $1 off 2 coupon, and a $1 off 1 coupon.  Altogether, this averaged them at $.79 each!  I ONLY buy Crystal Light if they’re $1 or less.  This is THE best price I’ve seen.)

5 bottles Kraft salad dressing $4.33 (4 of these were part of the buy 8, save $8.  There was a Kraft dijon ranch that was on clearance for $1.66, regularly $2.79, so I thought I’d try it.  The other 4 were $.98 with the special.  $.98 is a GREAT price for salad dressing!  I used a $.50 off 1 mPerks, and a $.75 off 2 coupon, averaging each bottle at $.86!)

5 boxes pasta $3.95 (Pasta was on sale for $.79 each.  This is the best sale price if you don’t have coupons!)

3 jars Ragu pasta sauce $2.97 (On sale for $.99 each.  This is THE best sale price I’ve seen for Ragu! There was only a limit of 3, otherwise I would have gotten more.  There are usually coupons for Ragu, but none this week.)

3 jars Old El Paso salsa $2.40 (On sale for $1 each, which is a good price for 16oz of salsa.  I had a $.60 off 3 coupon, making these $.80 each!)

Kraft singles $2.50 (I’ve seen these go for $2 for 16 slices, but we were running low so I bought one anyway.)

Baby applesauce $.89

Big Red Gum $2

Bigelow tea $2.39 (Usually goes on sale for $2, but John needed some.)

Spent: $32.08
Saved: $41.52!
Total for the week: $41.61

Menu for 4/27-5/4
Slow cooker sausage and peppers
Slow cooker chicken and potatoes 
Sour cream chicken enchiladas (Doubling the recipe and freezing half)
Potato saute
Corn chicken chili (Doubling recipe and freezing half)

All the recipes above can be found at 5 Dollar Dinners!

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