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Shopping and menu for 5/11

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This is a light week shopping wise. Most of our meals this week are from the freezer, where I made double batches a few weeks before. This gives me plenty of money to stock up!
Meijer had a 2 day sale this Friday and Saturday. These can be pretty awesome sometimes, because Meijer usually has a 5% off grocery mPerks coupon you can clip. This week Mott’s applesauce was buy one get one free, and I’ve been using the natural kind for Allison, so I decided to go check it out. I was not disappointed!
2 Mott’s applesauce: $2.69 each, B1G1 free plus 5% off
-Makes each one $1.23 each
4 International Delight coffee creamer: $2.50 each
Used 2 $1.00 off coupons, plus 1 $.75 off 2 coupon, plus 5% off
-Makes each one $1.72 each!
I wasn’t expecting to get that many coffee creamers! They’re regularly like $3.30 and go on sale for $3.00 and $2.50 pretty often. International Delight doesn’t give out many coupons, so I stock up when I can. The creamer expires in October, so I have plenty of time to use them!
Total spent: $9.57
Meijer 5/11
Meijer often has a 10 for $10 sale, with the 11th item free.  They usually have good stuff, and if you have coupons, they pair nicely!  I didn’t have enough items to get a free item, but I wasn’t going to spend more money just to save.
4 2-liters soda: $1 each, used 2 $.50 off 2 coupons
-Makes each one $.75! (This is typically a really good stock up price.  You might see them slightly cheaper during the summer months.)
1 can mushrooms $.88
1 onion $1.01
1 package Romaine hearts $1.99
1/2 gallon milk $2.09
Bacon bits $1.19
Bread $1
Croutons $1
Total spent: $12.45

Target 5/11
This week Target has an AMAZING deal on coffee!  Any brand is buy 2, get 1 free.  I have a Keurig, and I used to buy the K-Cups all the time until John got me the My K-Cup, which lets me brew regular ground coffee.  It’s SO much cheaper to buy ground coffee than it is K-Cups!
2 bags Starbucks coffee $15.78, used a $2 off 2 coupon
1 bag Dunkin Donuts coffee $6.99 (Made free after the deal!)
Total spent: $13.78, or $4.59 per bag!

Menu for 5/11-5/18
Slow Cooker Chicken and Sausage Stew
Tuna Melt Pie
Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas
Corn Chicken Chili
Burritos using taco meat from freezer
Pasta and sauce

 Find any good deals this week?  Comment below!

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