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Sam’s and GFS run! Plus menu

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We finished our huge run to GFS and Sam’s today! Friday was our GFS trip, where we got a few things that were a little cheaper than Sam’s. We also had a $10 off coupon we were able to use. 
-10 pounds of ground beef ($2.99/lb. Not horrible, but it’s been cheaper. Compare to $3.50/lb at Sam’s.)
-10 pound bag of fresh chicken breasts ($1.99/lb. I’ll only buy if it’s that price or cheaper.)
-5 pound bag of shredded cheese
-1 case of fries (Kind of excessive, but our last case lasted us a whole year!)
-1 jug of pancake syrup
Then today we went to Sam’s Club while our dear friend Cheryl watched Allison for us.  I thought we’d need two carts, but somehow we made it work!

-5-pack of spaghetti noodles
-3 pound container of sour cream
-2-pack of coffee creamer (Will get $1.50 back using the Ibotta app!)
-3-pack of DiGiorno pepperoni pizza
-Pancake mix
-3-pack of 5 bacon and cheddar chicken sausage
-8-pack Rotel tomatoes
-12-pack cans of chicken broth
-Quart freezer bags
-Gallon freezer bags
-2-pack peanut butter
-Formula (Free after a $25 gift card I redeemed from Swagbucks!)
-2 10-packs of tuna
-2 20-pack 6-inch tortilla shells
-6-pack assorted peppers
-6-pack frozen corn
-4-pack frozen broccoli
-10 pounds red potatoes
-3-pound bag baby carrots
-4-pound bag chocolate chips
-36 eggs
I’m very happy with this turnout!  This will give us over a month of dinners. You’ll still need to buy little things each week, like salad, dinner rolls, etc. We’ll also be making lots of pancakes to freeze for breakfasts.  Since there’s only two of us, there will be plenty of leftovers for lunch.   Here’s a sample of what our dinners will be next week:
Monday: Slow cooker chicken and sausage stew
Tuesday: Tuna quesadillas
Wednesday: Loaded potato frittata
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: BBQ Meatball sliders
Saturday: Burritos
Sunday: Tuna sandwiches
My entire menu for the next month is thanks to 5 Dollar Dinners!  She has two different Sam’s $150 dinner pages, and includes a shopping list and recipes for all the meals! 

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