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New look, new start!

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I am SO excited to announce that I’ve taken the plunge into blogging! I purchased a domain Sunday and just got it to where I want it for now, design wise. Coming soon, hopefully, will be a banner as well as a Facebook page so I don’t bug all my friends on my personal page. Here are my goals for No Getting Off This Train:
  • To share my knowledge and experience of couponing and saving money to help YOU do the same. I want to share my tips and tricks of cutting costs here and there,  and even post great deals for the week from stores I frequent, like Meijer, Kroger, and Aldi.
  • To share my (limited) experiences with motherhood and give AND receive encouragement from all you wonderful people! Parenting is tough and we ask need help. Hopefully I can give insight on how I stay sane.
  • To log my journey into more healthy living. When I started my free blog last year, part of it was to log my progress in losing my baby weight. I gave up on that pretty quickly, but now I’m back in full force. I’ll post any good days, bad days, and anything in between! Hopefully we can all get encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I’m so excited to start! Stay tuned for my next post on how to cook beans in the slow cooker as well as my weekly shopping trip!

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