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Crying babies and learning patience

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Oh boy, today’s been rough. Really, the past few days have. Allison’s 6 month checkup was Tuesday, along with her shots, which always makes for a fun day. I mentioned to the doctor that Allison had a bunch of prominent lymph nodes behind her ears, and the doctor ordered bloodwork just to get it checked out. I decided to wait till Wednesday because Allison was still fussy.
Wednesday morning I took her to get her finger stuck. It was just as painful as watching her get the shots, maybe worse because it took a few minutes to do. Thankfully she was great when we got home. A few hours later I got a phone call saying her white blood count was high and an appointment was made with another pediatrician that same day. Of course I started to freak out. More doctor visits, possibly more bloodwork… it’s way too much for a little one to handle.
As far as we know now, she’s perfectly healthy! The type of cells that were high are associated with allergies, so we just need to keep an eye on her to see what happens.
I think the past couple days have taken a toll on her now, though.  She woke up this morning at 6:30 completely grumpy and whining about everything. Didn’t want to sit in my lap, didn’t want to watch My Little Pony, didn’t want to nap even though she was tired, cried at her toys, cried because she can’t crawl yet… the list goes on. The problem with babies is that it’s so hard to tell exactly what’s wrong! She just had her second tooth pop through this morning, so that might be it. Could be a growth spurt, could be just really tired.. or she could just be a baby!

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