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Check Out My New Pokemon Stickers!

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I stumbled upon a post by Heather from The Nerdy Fox about a Pokemon sticker giveaway, handmade by Jessica of Girl With a Pencil. I saw the stickers and thought, “Holy cow, those are so cute! I must have them!” So I entered the giveaway, and a few days later Heather sent me an email saying I won! I got to choose 4 customized Pokemon stickers. Not long after that, I received something exciting in the mail!

pokemon stickers 2

pokemon stickers 1

They are SO cute! And Jessica slipped in two extra stickers, eek!

pokemon stickers 3

From left to right, top to bottom: Poochyena, Cyndaquil, Pichu, Zangoose, Murkrow, and Growlithe. Aren’t they amazing?

pokemon stickers 4

It fits perfectly onto my new planner! Thank you Heather and Jessica, once again! If you have time, please check out their pages! They have some great stuff!

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