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A Public Service Announcement

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A Public Service Announcement:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this, but I’ve had so many comments that I wanted to address something and clear up a few things regarding my post on How We Ate For $37 a Week for a Year. If you haven’t read it, it simply tells a story of Allison’s first year of life and how we ate super cheaply to pay for Allison’s formula out of our grocery budget. I talked about what we bought, the kinds of food we ate, basically whatever we did to survive that first year. I wrote the post to inspire others and let them know that they CAN eat on a very small budget if they need to. Most of the comments and feedback I received were positive, but I had a few people that perhaps skimmed over a few disclaimers I stated. While what they said wasn’t bad advice, they completely missed the point of my post.

The comments were mostly people saying I could have done much better, that a lot of the foods I bought were processed junk and could have bought THIS instead, and oh by the way, I don’t think those were ORGANIC foods you purchased.

I read the comments a few times, and then skimmed through my post again just to make sure I wasn’t being untruthful. I have a LARGE disclaimer, right toward the beginning of my post that said YES, I know the food we bought wasn’t the best quality! We only had $37 per week to spend on food and household necessities. As a new, first-time mom, my priority was to survive with my newborn, whatever it took. I didn’t have the willpower, nor the money, to worry about eating the top-quality food.

What these people may not understand is that this was a SEASON in our lives. A one-year season that was pretty rough on us and we just wanted to get through it. Do I want to eat like that every day? Definitely not. Did we survive? YES! I even stated toward the end of the post that we eat better now, that I incorporate healthier foods and fresh produce in our diet. But I feel like people see the word Kraft and they can no longer see anything else through the CHEMICAL OUTRAGE and just want to harp on me for daring to feed my family processed foods. As a side note, I have zero problem with processed foods and the people that buy them. You do what you need to do, whether you buy it out of financial desperation or even just because you like it!

Listen, everyone. If you’re in a financial crisis and feel guilty about what you’re eating, DON’T. Seriously. Don’t let anybody make you feel like you’re a bad person for the season you’re in. Only you know your situation and the things you can handle, and if that means you eat slightly unhealthy foods for a short amount of time, so be it! I don’t regret that year at all; I learned a lot about myself and how far I could stretch my budget, and one of the reasons I started my blog was to share that story to encourage others. Look where it’s taken me!

Sorry for the long wall of text, but I needed to put this out there! I’m not mad at those who commented; I simply wanted to clarify a few things to make sure people know exactly what was happening at that time. You can now go back to your regularly scheduled post reading!


Monday 9th of May 2016

We have been on a tight budget for 30 years, and it hasn't been easy. There is so many times that we had only a few dollars left after paying our rent and utilities. We had to scrape through for two weeks till the next pay. I wanted to make a comment cause I totally understand how buying organic is usually impossible. I would love to, but if you can't afford it what do you do. I truly believe that is why there is so much weight gain. We also pray over our food. I want to thank you for writing about this subject that touches so many of us. In a way you have given us a voice to express what many of us go through.


Monday 9th of May 2016

Thank you for sharing this, JoAnn! I'm right with you that while organic may be better, I'd rather choose a bunch of regular produce and fill our bellies rather than buy like one bag of apples for the same amount of money and starve. It's all about what you CAN do in your life's situation, and there's no shame in that! =)


Thursday 17th of December 2015

I agree. I have lived on a great budget and a hardly nothing budget. I tried my best to eat healthy on both and to be honest it was super hard on a hardly nothing budget. Everyone has seasons. I find those that complain or negative really haven't had to do shopping on a hardly nothing budget. Great if a person only wants bananas for breakfast, lettuce for lunch, and beans or veggie mix for supper....ALL ORGANIC. But to me that may be healthy to a degree but not complete. I also pray over my food. And if I am blessed with a certain amount no matter what it is processed or organic I trust it will be okay. :) Great posts. It encouraged me.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

Thank you!! It was definitely a struggle to get through that year, but I learned a lot.

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