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The Kids Behind The Blog May 2017

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The Kids Behind The Blog May 2017

Toddlers say the strangest things, and today is no exception! This child of mine comes up with the weirdest stuff and I just don’t understand where it comes from! Still, she cracks me up and it’s hard to keep a straight face… which may be my downfall when I need to actually be serious. The Kids Behind The Blog is where we ask our darling children a series of pre-determined questions and record their answers for you to enjoy; and today, I think you’ll definitely enjoy!

The Kids Behind The Blog May 2017

1.) If you had a magic tree-house that could take you anywhere in the world, where would you go? To the museum!

2.) Finish this sentence … “Red Rover, Red Rover…” “Grey.” “Grey?” “Fay!”

3.) What is your best childhood memory? Eating!

4.) What is your favorite part about nature and being outside? Being naked!

5.) What do you think Mommy would like for Mother’s Day? Um… a dog! Because you’d really like to have a puppy and a kitten. That’s the best.

Okay, for the record, Allison’s never been naked outside, so I have no idea where that came from. I’m also not surprised that her best childhood memory is eating; she’s just like her mama- constantly snacking. I’m linking up on Wife Mommy Me, so make sure you check out her link-up for more child shenanigans! Feel free to leave a comment below with your child’s answers, too.


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