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Weekly Shopping and Menu for 3/15

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I had a great shopping week! Lots of good cheap meals, and I was able to stock up on a couple things. We still have some money left over that we can use for next week.




Ivory soap: $1.29. We use this to make laundry soap (Expect a tutorial in the next couple weeks!)
Gum: $1.99
2 Suave Professionals: $2.50 each, used a $3/2 Suave Hair Care product from the 3/8 Red Plum- $1 each. These are the bigger ones; the smaller ones, which would have been $.17 each, were sold out, but this is still a great price!

Total: $5.74


5-lb bag red potatoes: $.99
Carrots: $1.29
Croutons: $.89
Broccoli crowns: $1.79
2 blocks cheese: $1.79 each
Green peppers: $1.29
3-lb bag yellow onions: $.69
Ranch dressing mix: $.49
Kidney beans: $.59
6 cans diced tomatoes: $.55 each
Applesauce cups: $1.49
Tomato paste: $.39
Eggs: $1.79

Total: $18.57


Irish Spring bar soap: $2.99, used a $.50/1 Irish Spring Bar Soap from the 3/8 SmartSource- $2.49
Dawn Dish Soap: $1.79, used $.25/1 Dawn Dish Soap printable- $1.54
2 Listerine Floss: $1.00 each, used 2 $1/1 Listerine Floss printables- both FREE!
2 boxes cereal: $1.49 each
Animal crackers: $.99
Golden mini Oreos: $.99
2 boxes granola bars: $1.19 each
Bacon: $2.49
2 Kraft dressings: $1.49, used $1/2 Kraft dressings printable (No longer available)- $.99 each
2 packages Eckrich sausage rope: $1.99 each
Cajun seasoning: $1.00
Milky Way bunny: Free with the Free Friday Download
(Not pictured)2 gallons milk: $1.99 on manager’s special, and $2.59

Total: $23.52. I went through the self checkout and had $3.75 in coupons, and the cashier had trouble scanning them. She must have been frustrated with it, because she only scanned my $.50 coupon and just took off an extra $10.00! Sorry for the frustration, but thank you for the blessing. =)

Weekly Total: $47.83


French toast
Blueberry coffee cake

Creamy tomato soup with homemade dinner rolls and roasted broccoli
Sausage jambalaya with applesauce
Cincinnati chili with salad
Greek chicken
Grilled cheese with cheesy bacon ranch potatoes
Pasta and sauce

Did you find any good deals this week? Share below!

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